Dark Heart

Gothic Princess Madeline Keller rules England, but has a deathly secret that she can never reveal and is intent on going to the grave with it. Common boy Russell Stanton is infatuated with the princess and will go to any lengths to make sure she loves no one else- so severely, it can be seen as an obsession. Prince Brody Holland is keen on unraveling the secret that is Madeline, willing to do anything for her to spill her secret. What happens when a street beggar, Lillian, gets in the way of that? Peasant girl Lillian Michaels is crazy about Prince Brody and everything related to royalty. What happens when she gets her chance? What will happen when all four of these severe teens meet?


1. Chapter 1- Madeline

Madeline's POV

I slip into my sleeveless gothic dress with a blue bodice and black lace around my chest and back, the back laced up. It had a full black skirt and knee high black combat boots, pulling up black gloves that reached to my elbows. I put a blue headband in my curly black hair and pink lipgloss, running the tips of my fingers over my pale skin. Two guards open the balcony doors and I walk out onto the balcony. Cheers erupt from below me, and I wave, smiling delicately at my people. I had to do this. Everyday. Good morning, my subjects! I call out, making them cheer louder. Bow to your princess! I hear my butler yell. Trumpets blare as the whole audience immediately bows to me. I continue to wave, feeling uncomfortable. Princess Madeline, your time is up. I bow to the audience and they shut the doors, ushering me away. Leaving them behind, I walk to my father's room and cautiously knock on the door. I could hear yelling from inside, and I nudge it open, carefully walking inside. We have to stop it! His face was red. I don't care about them! Just kill them and be over with it. Done as soon as it started. He takes in a deep drag of his cigar and I cough delicately. But sir- Our head Lieutenant, Marshall, tries to reason with my father. No buts, Marshall before I have you beheaded! He bellows. Marshall bows quickly before kissing my forehead and leaving. My dad throws his cigar in the trash, running a hand down his face. I press my lips together. Father, I- He cuts me off. Madeline there is to be a ball tonight, where you will find a suitable husband. All the princes from across the world are coming. My heart shatters and tears sting my eyes. I was only sixteen! But Father, I- No butts Madeline! I look down at my feet. Yes father. I whisper. He could hear the tears in my voice and I run out of his room, hearing his voice calling my name get duller and duller. I hated this, I hated him. I think, my heart pounding so fast, it felt like it was going to burst. Two guards suddenly appear in front of me, and I pick up my dress so I can walk faster, pushing past them. Princess Madeline, your ballet lessons start now. I wave them off. Call them off. I growl, bursting in my room. I close the door and sit on my bed, sighing. Why can't my dad focus on the starving peasants then the growing rebellion? Do my parents really think that me becoming a bride would solve this mess? Do they honestly think that me walking down the aisle in two months will fix everything? You're lucky. I reason with myself. Almost every princess I've ever known had an arranged marriage. At Keats my parents believed in choice. I take one last look out my window before walking to my tailor's room to get a dress for the ball.

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