Falling For The Neighbor

Rose has just moved into her new apartment in Doncaster. She is also working as a dance teacher at an local dance studio. What happens when she starts falling for her neighbor? But keeps it an secret!


2. Chapter 1:The Big Day




                                                                           *Dream P.O.V*
As I walk down the long,rocky pier the sun is glistening off the water,I see a shadow ahead of me.I'm curious to see who it is.I see the warm bur,gentle wind blow through the shadows hair and the sun slightly beaming on the shadows face.I'm curious who it is so,I get closer and closer.The shadows suddenly fades!

  ~Rose P.O.V~
        *Alarm clock beeps*
Wow!What on earth was that dream all about?I have no time to think about it right now.I have so much things to do today.I need to get into the shower and get ready for the day.Once I get out the shower I put on a pair of blue skinny jeans,white lace tank top,and my blue vans.Then,I go to the bathroom to put on some eyeliner,lip gloss,and pop my hair up into a bun.I take one more look in the mirror then, go to grab my cellphone to call my parents to see if they are up to come help me move my things.I share a apartment with my best friend Mya but,I'm moving out because I was offered a great paying job in Doncaster.I've been saving money up for months after,of course I put some toward bills and rent.I will have enough to move into my apartment and with my new job I will be able to support myself.

                                                              *Cellphone Rings*




Mom:Hey,sweetie we will be over to help in about an hour because,we went out to get some breakfast.


Rose:Ok, mom I will sew you soon.Love You...Bye


Mom:I love you too! Bye!!


After,I get off the phone,I go to wake up Mya.Something that I really hate doing because she is very aggressive and mean when she gets woke up.I need help so,I guess here goes nothing.As I edge closer to Mya's door,I start sweating more and more.I slowly grab the knob of her door and turn it.I walk into her room towards her bed quietly.


Rose:Your up? Thank You God!!


Mya:Yeah,I heard when your stupid alarm clock went off.


Rose:I'm so sorry? * Wiping sweat off your hands*


Mya: Don't worry....I know you don't like waking me up...


Rose:You can say that again....Are still going to help me?


Mya:Yep,let me get some clothes on and then I will be right out.


Rose:Ok, I'm going to start putting boxes in my car.

                                                   * 15 mins later*

Mya: Ok,I'm all ready to help you out.


Rose: Omc! ! I thought you was never coming out.


Mya:Haha Very funny Rose.....You need me to help you with what?


Rose: You can go grab boxes in my room to put in your car because,mine is completely full.


Mya: What about your bed,chairs,and other things.


Rose:My mom and dad are coming to get them for me.


Mya:Alrighty! Mrs.Thang has everything under control.

                                                    *5 mins later*

Rose: These are the last boxes!


Mya:Great,I can't fit anymore in my car...Oh great my trunk won't shut.


Rose:Let me try! *Pushing it hard *
Crap! I can't get it to shut either....How about we  both try to get it shut.


Mya:Brilliant Idea!! *They both start to push it hard with there hands,feet,and bums.....................................CLICK!


Together:Yes, we finally got it!!!!

Just then my parents pulled up so, we went to go greet them.


Rose: Hey Mom,Hey Dad..*Hugs*


Dad:Hi, how you doing?


Rose:Great and what about you?


Dad: Great so, what do you need me to help you get out of this apartment?


Rose: My dressers, bed, chairs, and nightstand.


Dad:I will grab the dressers and chairs....You,Mya,and your mom get the other things.


Rose: Ok.....So what do you want to grab mom?


Mom: I'll grab your nightstand and you and Mya can grab the bed! Are you excited to be moving on your own.


Rose:Ok,that's sounds great and of course I am but, then I am not sure.....What if everything doesn't go as I plan..


Mom: You will be fine Sweetie!Everything is going to go great...


Rose:Thanks Mom!


You go to grab the bed because, your dad already has the chairs in the back of his truck bur he is having a problem with get your dressers down....We tried to help my dad but, it was way to heavy for us so, we ask some some guys in the hallway if they could my dad.We finally got everything packed in the truck so, we start to drive to my new apartment.

                                                                *30 mins later*
We are finally at my new apartment so,we start to unpack the boxes into my apartment.After,awhile the guy who lives next door comes out.I  immediately knew who was.....He was Louie from One Direction.

Louie:Hey,Are you moving in?




Louie:Cool,By the way I'm Louis but everyone calls me Louie.


Rose:It's really nice to meet you Louis,I'm Rose

*In my mind(OMC! I'm not going to call him Louie just so, it seems I don't find him appealing)


Louis:Pretty Name....Do you need any help?


Rose: Actually,I really do need help.


Louis:*Yells*Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn There is some really nice girls that need help getting things into the apartment next door.

They all come rushing out and introduce themselves. Then I lead the way to my parents car. They help my dad get everything out and taken into my apartment. After they were done my parents left so, I can get my things in order.. The boys decided they were going to see to help me and Mya. I think this is going to be the best friendship ever.





Question:What's your favorite color? Mine is Blue.
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