Finding Love in the Unexpected

Hey my name is Alexandra Makayla Clark, I live with my bestfriend Jaceylyn Oliva Jones. My mom left me when I was two and my dad died while my mom was 8 months pregnant with me.


1. Introducing Alexandra.

Hi, my name is Alexandra, but most people call me Lexi. I perfer Lexi though. I lost both my parents. My dad died when my mom was 8 months pregnant with me and my mom left me when I was 2. I live with my best friend Jace. I should probably introduce myself.

That's me. 

Name: Alexandra (Lexi) Makayla Clark 

Age: 19

Personality: Hopeful, athletic, friendly, kind, mean(sometimes), stylish and neat. 


Relationship status: Single :( 

Bestfriend: Jaceylyn Olivia Jones. 

I get bullied a lot by this boy named Ashton. He's mean to me. Jace says he likes me but I don't believe her one bit. I don't like him. Or do I? Not even I know. 

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