Something in Common

When bad boy Jason Pierce moves into town, Eden Hartell finds herself awe-struck from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Through trouble, heart-break, plenty of black eyes and a lot of explaining to do, Eden and Jason find themselves falling in love...


8. Tuesday Morning

I woke up, hoping the day would start afresh. But to my disappointment, rain slashed the windows with its wet misery. 

I climbed out of bed, stripped out of my pajamas and changed into my uniform. I ate breakfast quickly. When I'd returned home with Maddy and Perren, my mum had been on the driveway pacing nervously alongside two uniformed police officers. It had been embarrassing to say the least, especially with Jason's haunted figure in his bedroom window. 

I grabbed a coat and my bag, then slid on my shoes. Just as I reached for the door to open it up, the bell rung loudly through the house. I quickly peeked through the peeky-hole, to find Maddy and Perren standing on the porch. Perfect timing or what?

'How are you?' Maddy asked quietly, holding a black umbrella over her head. Perren shivered violently, so I invited them inside for a minute. 

Shaking the umbrella, Maddy said, 'how's lover boy doing?' She rested it by the door and shook off the droplets from her clothes. Perren raised his eyebrows.

'He isn't lover boy,' I defended, looking across the street before shutting the door. 'He's a slightly-cute-but-hangs-out-with-the-wrong-people sorta guy.'

'You've got that right,' Perren sighed, rolling his eyes. 'You should have seen what he did in PE. Tripped someone up just to catch them. Then he laughed about it with his new friends.'

I froze. Maddy froze beside me.

'What did he say,' Maddy asked slowly, sending me a sideways glance. I played it cool. God, I knew this would have happened. Why do I always get my hopes up? In the coffee shop, when he came to school, when he caught me, when he watched me through the window... Why? Why me? God, it was harder to keep my cool then it looked. So much harder.

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