Something in Common

When bad boy Jason Pierce moves into town, Eden Hartell finds herself awe-struck from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Through trouble, heart-break, plenty of black eyes and a lot of explaining to do, Eden and Jason find themselves falling in love...


12. Happy Complications

I was flattered. So flattered I thought it'd be right to hug him or something. But I didn't. It was great to know he liked me, but it wasn't the only thing that stuck out from that sentence. How exactly do you know what someones thinking?

'Jason, I...'

He took a step forward, running a hand through his black hair. I wasn't sure what to do. My bag slid off my shoulder and landed with a soft thud on the concrete path. I didn't reach down to pick it up.

'How did you know what I thought?' I asked gently. 

'I can read minds. And hear thoughts.' He'd said it so casually. It was as if it were something he said way too often.

When I looked down, droplets of rain began to splash against the path. When I looked up, Jason was already staring at me. It wasn't everyday I met an English-American guy who hung out with the wrong sorts of people, could read minds and actually took his time to want to get to know me. How many times has that happened to you?

When he reached out his hand, his sleeve rose, and underneath my eyes located faint blue, black and green markings climbing up his arm. He had tattoo sleeves. 

In the spur of the moment, I took his hand. It sent shivers of delight up my arms and the fuzzy and warm feeling buzzed around me like a thousand happy bees. 

I squealed when he lifted me in the air and wrapped his arms around my waist. The rain fell faster and I looked up to the sky, embracing every drop. I was happy. 

It rained harder, faster, stronger. And I didn't care.



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