Something in Common

When bad boy Jason Pierce moves into town, Eden Hartell finds herself awe-struck from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Through trouble, heart-break, plenty of black eyes and a lot of explaining to do, Eden and Jason find themselves falling in love...


18. Attitude

Summer was right around the corner. I couldn't wait to fill up my days with Jason, Maddy and Perren who were, right now, my biggest priorities. I didn't care about anything else - Marissa and the whole fight incident were at the very back of my mind.

As I climbed into my mum's car, I began to think about my plans for the holidays. What would we do first? Maddy was gone for the last week of school (which was going to be lame without her) and Perren was acting a little... weird. He met up with me the other day to study and he wouldn't stop looking at me. I didn't say anything, but I was thinking about it. I was just glad Jason wasn't there, he tended to walk into punch-victims a lot.

We pulled up ten minutes later, and I got out, dashing through the rain into the warm school building. I skipped form and joined Jason at my first lesson, Maths. He kissed me on the cheek and led me inside. I hated it that he sat halfway across the room. It left me beside Perren, who had moved next to me since Maddy's disappearance. When I sat down, Perren looked the unsuspected Jason up and down.

'I can't believe you'd go out with a douche like him,' he mumbled. 

I raised my eye brows, then dropped them into a neat frown.

'Please don't talk about him like that, Perren. He's sweet to me.'

Perren rolled his eyes. 'Yeah, sweet.'

What the hell had gotten into him?

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