Something in Common

When bad boy Jason Pierce moves into town, Eden Hartell finds herself awe-struck from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Through trouble, heart-break, plenty of black eyes and a lot of explaining to do, Eden and Jason find themselves falling in love...


29. A/N!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reading this story - it even made a place on the home page! I wanted to finish it here because I saw another few opportunities to see how it turned out, and I liked this one the best. There were probably another hundred ways to end it but this one seemed sweet, so I went with it!

Don't forget to tell me if you liked it or not - I could always swap it to another ending if you so wish!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it made sense (if it didn't just comment and I'll help you out) and don't forget to read some more of my movellas if you so please. 

Comment if you want me to continue another story or write a new one - if you'd like to coauthor that'd be great, everyone on Movellas are so skilled and I'd love to work with some more talented people!

Thank you ;) 

Tazmin a.k.a TazmaniaGirl x

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