What's next?

Samantha Tomlinson is now married to Niall Horan ,
so now she is Samantha Horan.
They both have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.
Let's see what happens to this family.

(sequel to drugs and one direction)


10. chapter 9

Sam's POV

-few days later-


I woke up and saw Niall on the phone.

"yes, for the wedding, i need at least 100 chairs"

He's talking about the wedding, awe!

I pretended to be asleep and kept on listening to Niall.

"i want everything to be colourful, not white, white is too popular" he said.

I laughed and then he looked at me.

"wait a second" he said into the phone, "good morning baby" he whispered and kissed my forehead.

He went back to the phone. "i want summer colors because we are getting married in the summer" he said.

"i think yellow, orange, red and beige is good" He said.

"yeah! perfect!"

"thank you!" he said and hung up.

"we are getting married!" he yelled and jumped on me.

"NIALL" i yelled. "what?" he asked.

"i forgot to go dress shopping!"  i said.

"then go today" niall shrugged. "can you invite your parents over this week"  i said.

"why?" he asked.

"one i want to go dress shopping with your mom, second the wedding is in only two weeks, they have to be here" i said.

"fine, i'll tell them to come tomorrow" he smiled. "thank youuu!" i kissed him on the cheek. I took Isabella in my arms and started kissed her on her face, i love her so much.

--three days later-

I went out with Niall's mom, and now I call her mom, i don't call her name, she wants me to call her mom , and at least i will have someone to finally call mom.

We went to the wedding boutique and looked for dresses. "wow these dresses are...so beautiful" i whispered,

"Just like you beautiful" Mom said, i smiled and hugged her.

We held hands and walked around the boutique.

I saw a woman and her name was Chelsea. "hello! my name is Chelsea, and i will be helping you with everything today, dress ideas" she smiled.

"what kind of dress do you want?" she asked.

"i want it to be with a lace, with silk" i smiled. "we have lots of them here, stay here  and I'll bring you some dresses, alright?" she said. "okay!" i smiled.

I waited and talked to mom.

I feel so unconformable saying mom, because i haven't said the word 'mom' for a long time.

"sweetie i'm so happy Niall found a girl that makes him happy, and i'm happy because Niall is marrying someone i love" she smiled, "thank you so much" i smiled, i felt tears in my eyes and then i hugged her. I saw Chelsea come towards me and handing me 5 dresses.
I went in the changing room and tried the first one, ew.

There was flowers everywhere, ew.

I went to show it to mom, and she didn't like it either.

I went back and tried all of the dresses and nothing amazed me.

''sam?" i heard mom say. I  looked at her and she had a dress in her hands, it was so beautiful. "i thought you'd like it" she said handing it to me. I looked at Chelsea and she smiled.

I looked at the dress and prayed for it to fit me.

"don't worry it'll fit you honey" Chelsea said.

I went to the changing room and wore the dress, it was so beautiful.

The dress was white and there was sparkles  at the end of the dress. The bottom part was beautiful, it fit so perfectly.

I went out of the changing room and saw Chelsea and mom staring with wide eyes.

"oh my god sweetie" mom said, "it's beautiful, you look so..perfect" she had tears in her eyes.

"this is perfect" i said. I looked at Chelsea. "i want this one"  i whispered.

I hugged mom and then i went back to the changing room and took off my dress.

I   went out of the changing room and we reserved the dress for me. I thanked Chelsea and then mom and I left, we then went to a restaurant for food for the wedding.

"let's get a lot of food" i laughed. "get anything honey, i want this wedding to be perfect" mom said.

I smiled and we went to a restaurant, it was a indian restaurant, since that is my favorite!

I ordered food for the wedding and then we went to a chinese restaurant and ordered food there too, then we went to a thai restaurant and ordered from there too.

"i think that's enough" i laughed. Mom and I then went back home, which Niall, his dad, his brother, his brother's wife, they're son- Theo.,  and Isabella.

I looked at everyone and hugged them all. I looked at Theo and Bella and they were both playing.

"that's so adorable" i squeaked. I took a picture of them and posted it on instagram.

"did you guys find a dress?" Gregg, Niall's brother asked. "Yeah we did! it's beautiful" mom said. "niall you will tear up" mom said.

I smiled, and then I sat beside Niall.

"i'm scared for you two though" Gregg said.

"why?" Niall and I asked.

"the media..they will.." he started, i sighed and looked at Niall.

"that's why I'm bringing so much security, and the wedding is inside." I smiled.


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