What's next?

Samantha Tomlinson is now married to Niall Horan ,
so now she is Samantha Horan.
They both have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.
Let's see what happens to this family.

(sequel to drugs and one direction)


4. chapter 3

Samantha's POV

Someone knocked at my door and i opened it; Jessica.

"hey baby girl!" Jessica yelled hugging me. "today and tomorrow is your day, you can do whatever you want alone, no  people, so i will have to take Isabella from you" Jessica smiled. "what? Jess! you don't have too!" i laughed.

"you look stressed, please, get some rest" Jessica said. "alright?" she said. "alright" i laughed.

She left taking Isabella. I smiled at myself and then went to my room to pack up for our new house.

I then packed up everywhere.

A few hours later i was done. Everything were in boxes.

-Next day-

(sex scene)

I looked everywhere and did not to know what to do. I went to my bathroom and saw..

my dildo.

the dildo that Niall got me last year, he said to take videos of myself using it and send it to him.

I took my dildo and started using it, i did not take a video.

I thought of Niall and missed him, i wanted him. I did not have sex with him for months, and i miss him, i want him.

I started touching myself and started moaning for Niall's name. Because i just missed him that much.

A few minutes later i saw the door open.

Shit, who is it? i stood up and saw Niall staring at me. His eyes got dark.

"hey sexy" Niall smirked.

I took a blanket and covered myself. "hey.." I said nervously. "why are you shy baby?" he said, he took off my blanket.

"you're supposed to take videos baby"  He laughed.

"where's isabella?" Niall asked. "jessica has her" i said.

"why don't you want to have sex with me" i said, i tried not to cry.

"is it because my body changed by pregnancy?" i cried.

"no princess, i just.." he started.

"what!" i yelled. "i got a tattoo, and i wanted to show it to you at a perfect time" he said. "what? when did you get a tattoo? what" i yelled.

"where is it?" i asked.

He took off his pants and then boxers, i saw a tattoo on his leg.

"holy shit" i said.

The tattoo said "samantha's property" I laughed at the words, and then hugged Niall.

"is that why you won't have it with me?" I said. "yeah actually" he laughed. "But now since you know, and since i saw you touching yourself i want you" he groaned.

He pushed me on my bed and i took off his shirt.

He kissed me harshly.

He took me in his arms and rested me on his legs, he pushed my head into his dick and told me to put it in my mouth.

Holy shit, this is harsh.

I started doing it gently to tease him and i saw him get hard. I bit the tip and he yelled.

He then turned me around into my ass facing his dick and he put it in me.

I yelled of pleasure and started screaming his name.

"yell my name harder baby" he moaned.

He moved his hips back and forth and made me squirt.

"niall..i'm going to..cum" i yelled.

"go ahead baby"

"dont stop please" i yelled.

He took off his dick and then i cum'd everywhere.

He bent down to my clit and started rubbing it with his two fingers,  he licked the top and then the bottom, he got deeper and i just yelled of pleasure.

A while later i cried of pain. "holy shit this hurts Niall" I yelled. "do you want me to stop" he asked. "no don't" i yelled.


 He came on my face and started kissing me gently.

"I missed you" he whispered.

"niall.." i asked. "what?" he whispered.  "can we try anal" i asked shyly.

"yes!" he yelled. I took the doggy position and then Niall went on his knees, he put his erection in my ass hole. and i felt it rip. "fuck!" i yelled,

he got inside and then slowly went out side. then repeated the way.

A few hours later we jumped on our bed and started cuddling.

"i missed your naked body" Niall said,  i saw sweat dripping out of his forehead.

"why did you come here so early?" i asked.

"i just did, we were allowed to rest in Mexico, but i did not want too so i came here" he laughed.

"awe" i cooed and kissed his neck, i started sucking it and then saw that i gave him a hickey.


"oh no" i murmured. "what?" he asked. "hickey" i said pointing at his neck. "oh well whatever i want to show it off and say that its from you" He laughed.

"i love you so much Niall" i kissed him. "i love you so much more baby" He kissed me. "you packed up everything already?" Niall asked. "Yeah actually" i laughed.  "so let's move today!" he said. "already today?" i laughed. "yeah! i want to get out of this house!" He laughed. We put our clothes on.


We called a truck for moving and put all of the boxes in,  the beds in. and everything.

A few hours later we got everything in our new house.

Some people helped us un pack and put everything at it's place.  After everything was done, everything was clean and tidy.

we sat down in the living room and saw how nice it was. I rested my head on Niall's knees and we started talking.

"Samantha!" Niall yelled. "what?" i said.

"we forgot to use a condom!" he yelled.

I smacked my forehead. "shit'' i yelled.

"oh well" he yelled and laughed.

"when do you want to get married fiancé?" i asked.

"soon as possible baby" he smiled. "do you want to get married next week?" he yelled.

"what the hell? next week? no! that's too quick" i laughed.

"then..um next month" he smiled. "alright, we have to go to a store for weddings and shit" i laughed.

"that's fine with me" he smiled. We kissed, "let's go get Isabella" i smiled. "my princess" he squeaked.



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