What's next?

Samantha Tomlinson is now married to Niall Horan ,
so now she is Samantha Horan.
They both have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.
Let's see what happens to this family.

(sequel to drugs and one direction)


13. chapter 12


Today is the day in which i have to meet Howard. The idiot.

He told me to meet him at the parking of starbucks at 2:50, right now i'm in the parking lot and it is 2:45

I came early. I was sitting in my car alone and there was a hidden camera that i put on so that Niall can see us.

I looked around the parking lot and saw Howard. I came outside of the car and told him to get in my car.

Niall's pov

I was watching the video from my laptop, samantha put on a hidden camera so that I can see what's going on.

"do you want me to stop blackmailing you?" The boy Howard said.

"yea.." Samantha replied with fear.

"then hook up with Jodie and me"

My eyes widened.

"i'm married..i can't do that" she whispered.

"fine then i will  then have to kill Niall and your beautiful little girl" Howard laughed.

 I looked at Isabella and she was sleeping. I grabbed her and watch my laptop again.

"anything else? please? help me" Samantha whispered. "hook up" Howard replied.

"fine" she whispered. what the hell?

She looked into the camera and smiled. She has a plan. "i'll bring you to a park" Samantha whispered.

Howard got excited.

I saw Sam start driving, a few moments later they arrived at an unknown place,. where are they?

"come here" Samantha smirked at Howard. No, no, no, no.

I looked at Samantha and saw that she had a gun.

oh shit, no Samantha don't kill him.

seconds later, i heard a shot. "NO" i yelled.

Oh my god.

I called Samantha immediately.

"Get in the house, now" i yelled. "wait" she said and hung up.

She took the body and threw it across a river.

she went back in the car and drove home. I looked at Samantha and saw that there was blood on her shirt.

"samantha!" i yelled. "you idiot" i whispered. "you're going to get arrested oh my god'' i yelled. " i won't darling" she laughed.

"Are you on drugs Samantha?" i yelled. I looked at her in the eyes, and saw that her eyes were red.

"fucking disgusting!" i yelled. "why the fuck are you on drugs" I yelled.

"i'm nottt" she yelled.

I stared at her and put Samantha in our bed room and made her sleep.

I took Isabella and went to her bed room. I put Isabella gently in her crib and then sat on the chair beside the crib. I started singing to the baby.

When i stopped singing, Isabella fell asleep. I looked at her and smiled.

 "Your mother, killed someone, she is on drugs, she has a really hard life Isabella" I whispered. .

"I am married to a murderer, a drug addict and an old prostitute" I tear'd up.

"I don't want you to go through what she is doing, i want her to be good when you grow up"


Niall's pov

I woke up by Isabella's cry. I gave milk to Bella and then went to see Sam. She looks fine now.

I took Isabella and put her beside Samantha.

I texted my friend, Alana, a girl. And she help's me with everything. I met her at a club when Samantha and I split up.

"come over!" -Alana

"you sure? are you alone?" -me

"yepp, come! it'll be fun! i missed ya " -her

"sure haha i'll be there"


I got dressed and went to her house.

"hey Alana" i smiled at her and hugged her. "hey Mr Horan!" she smiled.

"haven't seen you for like ever damn" she smiled.

I hugged her again, and this hug was actually, nice. Warm.

"you're a great friend Alana" i told her.

"thank you so much, you are too Niall" She sad. She kissed my cheek. "do you need anything?" She asked.

Alana's pov

"do you  need anything"  I asked Niall.

"yeah.." Niall smirked.

"what do you need?" i asked .

"you" Niall replied.

I looked at him with a confused look, isn't he married?

wait, Samantha hate's me, and I hate her, so Niall and I should do whatever.

Niall took off his shirt. He came closer to me. "strip" he ordered. I took off my shirt and pants. He looked me top to bottom then licked his lip, he came closer to me.

Niall's pov

what am i doing? am i seriously going to cheat on Samantha? what the hell?

When i got closer to her i remembered all the pain that Samantha went thru.

"Sorry Alana" i whispered. "but..I have to go" I said taking my walet and shirt.

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