The After World

Lucy and Joseph have lost everything. Their home, their family and their lives however Lucy will not give up, for Joseph's sake and her own. When she meets someone special, Lucy finally realizes what she really wants.


2. The warrior

Dear God,

Hear me now. I can't go on like this, and I can't make Joseph go through this. Please help us. We need you, now more than ever. I don't know what to do and I know that you can help guide me. Please, I don't want to die. 



I opened my eyes. I don't know how long it has been, since the only clock in the store has run out of battery and always says 3:28. I slowly started to stand up, my tired knees barely able to take my weight. 

Looking up and down the isles, I took some canned peaches and a couple packages of Corn Nuts. The fridge had been raided of all water, or any drink for that matter. I started walking back to the front of the store when I heard a faint groan. Not knowing if it was a person or a creature, I ducked down behind the counter and waited. Nothing. I kept waiting and still nothing. So I took one of the cans I had and threw it over the counter. It crashed and its noise filled the entire room.

"Hello?" the faint groan called from across the store. "Please, I need help. Hello?" 

I looked over the counter again, I couldn’t see anyone but I could heard him. So I climbed out from behind the counter and went to go pick up the can. I dropped it again to make sure that he didn’t die or to make sure that nothing else had happened to him. 

“Hello? Please. Help me.”

“Where are you?”

He groaned, probably because of the pain that he was going through. “I’m near the bathrooms.”

I started walking toward the back of the store again, looking down all the isles to see if he was there. Finally I came to the bathrooms, he was there sitting on the ground leaning against the wall. I couldn’t see what his left hand was doing and I also couldn’t see what his right hand was doing. I slowly stepped forward but I wasn’t watching were I was stepping and I stepped on some more glass. His right hand snapped up and pointed a gun at me. He slowly turned his head in my direction and I put my hands up.

He smiled and laughed in pain“Calm down doll, I’m not going to shoot you.” he put his hand down and looked straight ahead again. “You here to help me? Or are you going to shoot me like everyone else has tried? Because either would be great.” 

I walked forward. “You asked for help. So I’ll help.” I was standing not two feet away from him and the smell of blood was so bad I almost hurled. 

“Pretty bad huh?”

“I’ve seen worse.”

“Reallly? What?”




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