The After World

Lucy and Joseph have lost everything. Their home, their family and their lives however Lucy will not give up, for Joseph's sake and her own. When she meets someone special, Lucy finally realizes what she really wants.


1. The start but not the beginning

I came out of the dark alley to watch the sun just come over the tall buildings across the street. Once the sun cast its shadows, I could see the big red convenient store sign with flickering lights in front. I couldn't see anyone else on the street, or anything for that matter. Which in my case was a good thing, since I didn't have my knife with me. I left it with my little brother in the car that we found last night. He was still sleeping when I left and hopefully he would stay that way until I got back.

I started across the street, being really careful of where I stepped. I kept looking down and up and down and up, keeping my eye on the convenient store and all around me. I didn't want to draw any attention, but I soon realized that I had walked into a spread of broken glass all across the strew. I was trapped, no where to go but forward and all I had to step on was broken glass and other pieces of stuff I didn't know what. Crunching under my feet, I tried to be as careful as I could, unfortunately wherever I stepped more glass would break. Suddenly I heard a faint moan coming from my right. I stopped, dead in my tracks trying to not make a sound. I could hear it coming closer, and closer, and closer, until I saw him. A limping, grotesque, dying corpse. And the closer he got, the more detail I could see in his features, or what use to be his features. He had a uniform on, probably a janitor for the nearby business complexes. No hair, his eyes were drained of all colour and soul. His left arm hung dead at his side and his jaw was open all the way, it looked like it was about to fall right off his face. His gaze fixated on something ahead, until a breeze came up from behind be and took my sent right to him. His eyes looked up, the horrific sight of a zombie reaching his arm out and walking just a little faster to get to you, while his moan got louder and louder as he got closer and closer. You could hear him from miles away, and I knew that more of them would be coming. So I ran as fast as I could, all the way to the convenient store. 

The door shut behind me. I looked all around for something to barricade the door, something, anything, to make sure they don't come in. Taking one of the shelves from in front of me, I tilted it on its side and pushed it up against the door under the handle. I turned my back and slowly sank down to the floor. My heart was beating in my chest so hard, I thought it was going to explode. Slowly I started to calm down, I closed my eyes and breathed. All of that commotion had just happened in less than five minutes and I felt like I had just ran a marathon.

"I need to get food. Bring it back to Joseph. Need to get out of here." but I couldn't move. So I just sat there for a bit. Waiting for the soft moans of the creatures to die down and leave me in silence.

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