The After World

Lucy and Joseph have lost everything. Their home, their family and their lives however Lucy will not give up, for Joseph's sake and her own. When she meets someone special, Lucy finally realizes what she really wants.


5. The finish but not the end

The entire town was chaos, people running everywhere, screaming, crying, shouting. Guns were being fired at almost everything that moved. A woman had just shot her husband because she thought he was a zombie. It was bad, awful and sad. 

Five days after Daniel shot the man, the walls have had less guards and more people were going missing. But now, I have figured out why. Apparently the mayor that we killed had told his military that if anything should happen to him, they were to abandon their posts, kill as many as they could or capture them, then release all of the on the town after five days. He was a cruel man and a dead man, but now so were we all. 

Daniel had gotten a lot better since we got here. He's been going to the doctors everyday and has been training with the military. Since he was in the military before, he had a slight upper hand and when it came down to this, I was glad I saved his life. 

"Lue! Lue! This way!" I followed Daniel down an alleyway within the town. I had Joseph by the hand and was trying to get him to run faster, and after a while Daniel came back and gave him a piggy-back ride. "We just have to make a quick stop."

"Where?" I asked, still running.

"You'll see when we get there." and he didn't stop.

​So we kept running and running and running. Past houses and buildings, past empty cars and dead people, shooting zombies left and right and shooting anyone dead in the head to make sure they didn't come back. I was out of breath and my knees were starting to hurt, but I didn't stop. I had prayed to God before and he had given us a way out, so I knew that this time he would again. Daniel started slowing down when we got near the wall. He put Joseph down and told us to wait here. So we did, and not two minutes later he pulls up in the same mini van that Joseph and I had slept in before meeting him. 

"Get in!" he shouted.

I opened the back door for Joseph to get in and all I saw was coolers full of food, guns, other weapons and tons of ammunition. 

"Where did you get all this?"

"Being part of the army has its benefits. Now get in." and I shut the door behind me.

We drove all around the town until we got to the door. It was wide open and nobody was around. Moving the car forward and almost making it out when a bullet zipped through the back window. Then another and another. They were shooting at us!

"Hold on!" Daniel floored it, and drove as fast as he could to get us out of there.

After we had driven for sometime, I asked him where he got all this stuff. He explained to me that since he was in the military before, the officer trusted him with a lot more things than the rest. One of those things was the weapons room. So after training and late at night, he would go into the room and grab a couple things, put them in the car and do it all again the next day. He knew something wasn't right, so he thought he would be prepared.

"Thank you." I said. 

He looked at me and smiled. "Anything for you. You saved my life remember?"

"Yes, but that doesn't mean that you have to pay me back."

"I'm not."

I looked at him again, this time with a more questionable look. "Then why?"

He sighed, stopped the car and turned in his seat to face me. Joseph was sleeping in the back so I didn't know what Daniel was thinking. 

"Because I love you."

And I realized that at that moment and every moment before, that I loved him too.


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