The After World

Lucy and Joseph have lost everything. Their home, their family and their lives however Lucy will not give up, for Joseph's sake and her own. When she meets someone special, Lucy finally realizes what she really wants.


4. Inside the wall

We sat down at the table in the middle of the room, the man that brought us here walked out the door and closed it. I looked around and saw some old paintings and a glass case with some very old looking weapons. There was a dresser of sorts against a wall with family pictures on it and a vase with no flowers. The room was long and had a fireplace on the other end of it with a couch, two chairs and a coffee table in the middle. 

The paint was chipping off in some places of the walls and the floor creaked. The giant chandelier over us needed dusting and so did everything else in that room. A cat prowled around and sat on top of the couch and cleaned itself. I've never been a fan of cats, but Joseph was intrigued by it. I heard a knock at the door and it slowly opened. A different man came through and shut the door behind him, he looked around at us and the room. 

"Hello. My name is Charles, and I am the mayor of this town. I've been told that you have traveled very far. Is that right?"As he sat down at the table.

I looked to Daniel then back at the man. "Yes sir, it is."

"Oh, no need to call me sir. Please, he is a sir," he pointed to Daniel. "I am not."

The door opened again and a young girl came through with a tray of food. She set the tray down on the table and gave us each a plate. 

"Thank you Marie." She curtsied and quickly left. "Now, if you would please join me in a prayer."he bowed his head.

I bowed mine and clasped my hands together. Daniel put his hands together and Joseph did as well. 

"Dear Lord. Bless this food that we are about to eat and bless these people that have come across us in times of need. Thank you for showing them the path and for bringing them here. Bless the dead that roam the earth and bless the people who have yet to die."

I looked up at Daniel and I could tell he thought the same thing I did. This man, and everyone in this town were all planning on dying. 

The man continued. "Forgive us for the mishaps that we have done and forgive us for what we will do. Help us become one of them and help these young people understand why."

Joseph tugged my sleeve. I looked into his eyes and saw complete fear. Were we going to die? Was this man going to kill us? What was going on?

"Forgive me Lord for the things that we must do. And guide us to heaven," I looked at Daniel and before I could say anything, he had his gun out and shot the man. Point blank.

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