Brave - Book 2 in the Fear Series

Since moving into a new home, Jayda, Harry, and the boys have a fresh start. Jayda has a new job, and her and Harry are in the perfect relationship. But what happens when she senses a presence, and is constantly getting threatening emails? Is Pete back? Or has someone who says they're their friend, been pretending the entire time? Who is this mole? And how do they know so much? In situations like these, you have to be Brave.
Copyright 2014


1. Prologue

It has been a very eventful year. First off, I was hunted, abused, kidnapped, and screwed over by not only my so called "father," but also my own mother. The one who clothed me, kissed all my boo boos, and fed me.

But, besides the bad, I have an amazing boyfriend, yes, Harry and I are official, and the fans are sort of getting used to it. The boys are more like my brothers. They're very protective! But I love them so much, and couldn't have went through that much without them.

We moved! There are no signs of Pete being back yet, but it's taking too long and I fear that his come back will be mega.

But I am brave, and I have an army of guys, who are my entire life.

Again, I'm so glad I'm brave.

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