Brave - Book 2 in the Fear Series

Since moving into a new home, Jayda, Harry, and the boys have a fresh start. Jayda has a new job, and her and Harry are in the perfect relationship. But what happens when she senses a presence, and is constantly getting threatening emails? Is Pete back? Or has someone who says they're their friend, been pretending the entire time? Who is this mole? And how do they know so much? In situations like these, you have to be Brave.
Copyright 2014


5. Chapter 4.

*continues from last chapter*

"I don't know. Why are you all looking at me?" I ask. All of the sudden I'm the master-mind of this damn operation? I thought Liam was the smart one?

"Well, your good at being, the "Charlie's Angels" type." Liam said. I rolled my eyes. Well thank you Liam. Just because I know how to fight and figure things out- okay. So I do see why I'm the master-mind. I shrugged.

"Maybe we can just tell him. You know, like ripping off a band-aid?" Louis suggested.

"Yeah because, 'you're date is a criminal and is trying to kill us' sounds pretty formal. Good one Lou."

He rolls his eyes. "Well at least I'm actually trying to do something, rather than standing there and criticizing every fucking thing we do!" He spat.

"Thanks means a lot." I smile fakely.

I cross my arms in annoyance as we stand there trying to figure out what to do.

"You know what! Louis you're right. Fuck beating around the bush. I'm going to go tell that nightmare-psycho bitch who she's messing with." I storm down stairs and the follow me.

"Niall, you and Lou stall Zayn. Harry, Liam, and I are gonna tell this skitch who's boss."

I watch her as she waits for Zayn to return. I walk up to her and tap her shoulder. "Hi, you probably already know me. I'd really appreciate if your psycho ass stopped stalking me and my friends? I can have your ass arrested for stalking in a heartbeat. It is NOT my fucking fault your father or my father or whatever the hell he is Considering we have the same dad, passed. Bet he didn't tell you about us being sisters Haylea? I don't really care. All I know is if you come within a foot of me, my friends, or this house, you're gonna wish you died with him."

She laughed evilly. "Was that a threat?" She asks sarcastically.

"No. Hun, that was a promise."

She turns to walk out of the door. "This isn't over. Sis." She smiled and left.

Harry high fived me and kissed my cheek. "Sometimes I don't know whether to kiss you or be afraid of you" he laughs.

I smile. "Probably both."

I couldn't lie though. I knew it was only the beginning.

I turned towards Zayn. He looked to me and shook his head. We ran after him.

"Zayn! Wait you don't get it!" I shouted. He slammed his bedroom door in my face.

Ugh. I would explain, but you wanna slam door in peoples faces.

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