once reality sets in...

this story relates to real life, some parts of this story really happened and other parts are made up to keep the story interesting...lol.


4. the truth

everyone used to tell me that he went back to see his parents, since you know he missed them. 

but wanna know something?

he went back because his father died and he chose to see him one last time instead of seeing people he loved for the rest of his life. wouldn't it make sense, if he stayed with us? instead of going back and remembering all the bad things? 

My dad was also an alcoholic, which i kinda knew already. i knew he drank, but i didn't know he drank that heavily. 

he abused my mom, which i really didn't know. i cried when my sister told me this, and she told me a lot about it. she told me that he pushed her down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant with me. 

i never thought that my own dad would ever do that. to me as a kid, he was the happiest, coolest dad ever. now that i look back with the information i was given... i can't look at him the same way again. it's terrible thinking about someone you love, being so violent. 



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