In wonder land

A girl by the name is Emily leaves home one night into the big open city but little did she know what to expect on the way...

She will come into an I counter with the hunger games ,5sos and 1d


1. Me!

"Sit still Emily" called Emily's aunt as she tugged on her hair. "I don't even understand why I  have to have my hair done like this" explained Emily before continuing texting on her phone. "You know it is you uncles  birthday today and you have to be looking you best, now put down that blooming phone and go up stairs and get changed." Slowly Emily stood up and began making her way up the creaking stair case. Finally she reached her bedroom. Heaving the door open she entered her room. Reluctantly  Emily tour open her closet and squeezed on her little blue dress. Before she left she glared into the mirror at her ridicules hair.  Her fringe was tucked neatly behind her ear with a clip and the rest was shoved in a bun at the top. Emily could not feel more ridicules. 

Eventually Emily made her was down stairs. "You look beautiful" explained her aunt. Emily just glared took her phone and sat down on the sofa awaiting the guests. As it was her uncles birthday it didn't take long for guests to arrive and before long the hose was full up. " Emily dear...we  have run out of coke. Be a dear and retrieve some from the shops. "But aunt....." "No buts Emily we have guests ". Emily quickly pulled a small bag over her boney elbow as she stormed off in a strop. 

Emily waled down the lonely lifeless street with only the dim street light a guidance. She began to scuff her foot in boardem as the shops seemed so far away. But what was that out of the corner of her eye.........


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