The Infinities In Our Stars

TFIOS alternate ending<3

hope you like it ^.^


1. My Gus

I sat on the hospital bed, looking across to see Augustus laying on the bed, fast asleep. It was a month after the news was revealed to me, in Amsterdam, that my Gus' cancer is back. A tear leaked out of my eye as I stared at his beautiful face, the one I had grown to care and love for. The amazing man before me was so selfless, my guardian angel. While I didn't want to hurt anyone around me, it was only inevitable that I fell for him, much like he had fallen for me.

"Hazel Lancaster?"

I turned to the sound of my name, Gus' doctor standing in the doorway.

"Can I have a word please? There is something I would like to discuss with you."

I greeted him with a smile before grabbing my oxygen tank, and following him into an identical room, the only difference was that the lingering smell of Augustus wasn't here. I missed him already.

"I have discussed this with Augustus Water's parents, and they have decided it's the best option for the present. We have created a new, experimental dug, called Fluxorine. It has the abilities to kill cancer cells. It came out of the same research as your drug, Phalanxifor. Now this does have the ability to save lives, it is completely in it's testing stage. So if it does work, it still only has a 50% chance of actually working."

"So you want Gus to be your guinea pig?" I stand up, far too quickly at that, and my head rushes around me. I cling to the chair, trying to regulate my breathing. The doctor rushes around to help me but I brush him away.

"Hazel, please trust us. We have been researching this drug for eighteen years. This could save Augustus."

I reluctantly nodded my head, still trying to come to terms that Augustus might leave this world. I guess whatever chance they had at saving him would have to be good enough.



Two months later, Augustus seemed to be slowly getting better. The doctor was extremely happy that the drug had worked, as it was slowly starting to back off around his body. They worked on this head and heart first, as they were the two main areas that if the cancer had progressed, it would have ended Gus' battle a lot sooner. They said that his cancer should be gone within the month, which made me a little too happy. After he could walk on crutches, we went for a picnic on the grass outside the hospital. It was beautiful, big oak trees towered over us as we sat at the top of a hill. You could see for miles, an endless sea of green foliage. After a couple hours, me and Gus just sat, staring at the sunset. I was resting against his back, and our hands were linked together. After I nearly drifted off to sleep, he nudged me awake with his voice.

"Thank you."

"For what?" I smiled, chuckling. He had a massive grin plastered across his face, one that I could not hesitate to replicate.

"For giving me the greatest gift anyone could ever give me. Our own little infinity."

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