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2. Stay with me.-M

Calum's mess of curls laid against the white satin pillow case, eyes open and admiring the beauty that laid beside him; lost in his own thoughts, his fingers lightly tracing the small scars along her wrists.

Calum never got the chance to settle down with a girl, always on the road and rarely in one spot for too long. To get by, and calm the sexual urges a teenage boy has; he would get a random girl and make her his for a few hours. Usually he would kick the girl out after he was done or leave, but this one was different.

This one made his heart hammer, breath hitch and body ache in a way it never had before. She was beautiful- makeup or not, but he could sense it; she was broken. Behind those bright eyes were hidden dark secrets, and Calum had a new urge; he wanted to fix her. It was a strange feeling for the one night stand man to want to fix a broken girl.

Maybe it was the fact that she was fan, someone that was dedicated to him fully. Was it guilt then? Or pity? Maybe he thought he owed it to her; whatever it may be, he felt the need to help her.

He was pulled from his thoughts as the girl stretched, letting out a yawn before her eyes fluttered open. He watched her facial expressions closely, her bright eyes widening as she recalled last night and turned towards him.

Calum smiled tiredly, yet happily. "Morning." He murmured, suddenly regretting having not jumped up before she woke up and brushed his teeth.

Her pale cheeks turned rosey, her eyes wandering around the hotel room as she tried to wrap her mind around this. "M-Morning." She stuttered out, eyes falling back on Calum whom was still mindlessly tracing the scars.

"Is this..a dream?" She said softly, quirking an eyebrow which caused Calum to chuckle, his smile growing.
"Afraid not, love. Looks like you could've done a bit better, yeah?" He teased, hands moving from her scars as he sat up, leaning back against the wooden headboard.

She was quiet, and Calum suspected it would be like this; shock and realization, maybe even a little regret. To Calum it was a little absurd that people actually wanted to hook up with him. Sure he was in a 5sos, but even then he didn't understand it. Though he never questioned it out loud.

She was quiet for another reason, her head now settled back against the headboard, along with Calum's. She could still feel the soft touch of his fingers along the scars she was absolutely disgusted by, recalling the kisses she felt to the ones on the insides of her thighs last night. What was she suppose to do now? She hadn't a clue, it had been ages since her first--and only--one night stand. Even then it wasn't as awkward as this felt, the cuts weren't there then. It was the reason why they were, though.

Calum began to grow uneasy from the silence, maybe she really thought she could do better? She was wearing a shirt with Ashton's name on it last night, maybe she just settled for him.

"I-what do I even say? I'm not good with this stuff." Her voice sounding nervous and timid as her eyes moved back to the young boy beside her.

"You don't have to say anything." He replied, licking at his dry lips as he tried to muster up the courage to say more, but she beat him to it.

"So, then I just leave? That's it?" She began climbing out of the bed before he could even protest, the satin sheets clutched in her fists as they held the fabric in place-not revealing anything. Calum admired the faint shape of her curves as he moved to the edge of the bed, an arms reach from the beauty.

"No!" He said just as she began to gather the mess of ripped clothes on the floor, pulling himself from his panicked thoughts. She turned slowly, like she was unsure what she had just heard.

They locked eyes, and Calum knew what she was thinking in that moment. "I shouldn't-" She began, but he interrupted her. "But I want you to."

"Why, because of these?" She motioned to her scarred wrists, voice snappy as she began to lose control of her emotions-feeling more overwhelmed than she ever had. "I don't want your pity-"

Calum cut her off, all doubt earlier washed away and replaced with words he knew he meant: "No, I just want you to stay. You're like no other girl that I've ever met, even though last night was fueled with a bit of alcohol and pot, I still recall how you made me feel. How you made me laugh, how you made me forget to breathe. Even before you drifted to sleep in my arms; I knew. I knew I needed you again..not just sexually."

Calum outstretched his arm, his large hand wrapping around her scarred wrist and gently pulled her towards him, eyes on tear filled ones. "Stay with me, please." He murmurs in a plead, pressing soft kisses along her left wrist, his eyes still locked on her.

"I'm no good, you don't understand. I'm a terrible person-" Calum intterupted her again, ignoring the look of annoyance from her. "Help me understand, babe."

"You think I'm just going to spill everything about myself in one setting?" She rolled her eyes, her demeanor softening as she saw the slight hurt expression on Calum's cute face-most likely reacting to her sass. "Sorry," She muttered, sitting on the edge of the king size mattress. "It's just-I'm not this girl anymore, and I feel so overwhelmed with all of this-" She motions to the room and Calum, earning a chuckle from her over dramatized hand movements. He got serious a moment later, not wanting her to think she was being made fun of.

"Neither am I. Honestly, usually the girls are gone or I am by now." He mutter, shame written on his face as he turned his attenion to the floor. "That sounds so bad, but like-It's hard." He stuttered slightly, trying to get his grip on everything, all while the possibility of saying the wrong thing and losing this girl is lurking in the back of his mind; which only made things worse. "It's hard finding someone who's with you for you, and someone who can handle all of this mess." He replied a moment later, lifting his head and looking over at her.

She nodded, as if she completely understood what it was like to be in the spotlight-or maybe finding a man who was with her for who she really is. "I didn't mean like that." She said quietly, her eyes fixating on anything but Calum's. "I just meant I've only done something like this once." She informs him, running her fingers along the satin sheets.

Calum watched her movement, wishing it was his fingers caressing her body instead. "Having sex with someone you just met isn't a bad thing," He couldn't stand it anymore, he reached out for her hand and intertwined their fingers. He liked the way his fingers overlapped hers, how soft her hand was. Her grip wasn't tight, but at least she still had a hold of him. "It's a normal thing people do all the time, honestly." Moments passed before she spoke up again, Calum figuring she was gathering her thoughts.

"But when I did it, it was." Her voice was barely audible, a hushed whisper. Calum stayed quiet, confusion written on his facial expression. "What do you mean?" He asked after a minute or so, gently squeezing her hand.

She breathed in deeply, inhaling the oxygen as if it were her last breath. Was she really going to come forward and tell a complete stranger what she had done? This wasn't something she had talked to anyone about, not even her best friend. In a way, she felt it would be easy telling Calum since 5sos meant so much to her. All these scars on her body were old, and she was one hundred percent sure if she hadn't started listening the Australian pop-rock band, she would've had new ones.

"My very first one night stand was the biggest mistake of my life." She held up her hand just as Calum began to speak, waving him off so she could continue. "It was three years into the best relationship I have ever had, I just hadn't realized that it was at the time. Y'know, they say you don't know what you've got until it's gone; that's so true. That boy was everything to me, and I ruined it all; for what? Some random guy I met at some pub; how pathetic." She breathed out slowly, using her free hand to wipe at a few tears that had slipped past her eyelids.

"So, that's how all of this started. I began to feel lost, and alone. I was beating myself up every day from my ignorant mistake..I was completely broken, didn't ever do anything-I just stayed home. I promised myself the first time I cut that I would have control over it, that it would only happen once or very rarely." She adjusted the slightly loose sheet, keeping it tucked under her armpits. "But it quickly spiraled out of control, I never thought I would be able to pull myself away from it.."

Calum watched the girl, heart clenching at the sight of her. She was wide open for Calum to see, completely broken and vulnerable right now. She lifted her head, eyes brimming with tears before her lips pulled into a soft smile. "That's where you guys came in; you saved me."

Calum never got use to fans telling him that, it was always a rush of emotions; sadness, pity, pride, happiness, even overwhelming pressure. His own lips curled into a warm smile, free hand reaching up and brushing some tears away from her face. "Glad we could help, love." He said softly, keeping his eyes locked on hers.

Calum searched his mind for the right words to say. "We hear stories like yours all the time, it's sad that people think they're alone when they truly aren't. The 5sos family is there for you, we're here for you. People care about you, even if it's just through a computer screen or a phone. Love comes in all forms." He murmurs, cheeks flushing at his mushiness. "Least that's what mum, says."


She smiles halfheartedly, cheeks tear stained but her eyes drying for the most part. "We want to answer every single one of you on twitter, or hug everyone in the crowd. We do, honestly. We see you, we hear you; there's just not enough time."


Her head moved in a short nod. "I understand, most of us do." She said simply, tucking a few stray hairs behind her ear. "I'm sorry for the slight breakdown. I just..I don't know, feels good to have that off my chest."


Calum nodded in agreement, continuing to look at the beautiful woman. "You're not a bad person, like you said yourself; it was a mistake. You're human. Humans make mistakes all the time. As cliche as it is, there's other fish in the sea. You'll find your special someone," He smiles once more. "Who knows, maybe it's me."


Calum swore he felt his insides spinning as the girl broke out into bright smile, a soft laugh erupting from her chest. "Maybe so." She replied, her grip now tightening on his hand.


It fell silent once more; this time the silence wasn't full of tension or sadness, but contentment rather. "Does that mean you'll stay?" He spoke up, eyes full of hope as he awaited an answer. It took her no time to answer, for once actually feeling happiness.


"Yes, I'll stay."

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