A War in Which There Are Copious Amounts of Cake and Large Weapons

Who will triumph, Prodigy's DWATILNLTDE or Raven's Dauntless Army? Or possibly Rodrigo.R.R.Goldlight's FISH ARMY? (Nahhhh, not the stupid fish.) In this good-natured battle which is a complete and total joke, you might just find out. This was not based off of anyone else's movella, but rather a series of conversations about which you would know, if you were a part of them. Anyone can read this, however, assuming you do not take it seriously in any way.


2. Rooster (DARN, they noticed!)

*cough* really Prodigy? Rooster? *cough*

*cough* Yes, Raven, really. You're the one who hasn't updated in a month and a half. Plus it took you two weeks to notice Rooster, so yes. *cough*


*cough*  PFFTTT *cough* 


So far:


DWATILNLTDE (Allied with Greek Heroes of Olympus AND Eragon elves AND Tolkein dwarves AND all HP mythical creatures- Hippogriffs, thestrals, crumple-horned Snorkack etc. AND Z.O.R.G. who are little stinky poos hehehehheheheheh   ...Really, Rod?):

ME (I'mNotReadyForThis/Prodigy)

iheartharrypotter101 (Alex)

Ginny Shadownight (Ginny)

Ginny Weasley (Leuconoe)

peanut.sloth (Sloth)

Night (Night)

River_Summers (River)

*~Starble~* (Nigel)

Dramaticllama Nightshade (Zee) AND Z.O.R.G.

Littlewhitelies13 (A)

Fangirl Traveler (Tino)

Mirlotta (Myrah) [FORMERLY]

Becca West (Rosa)

AlliMcGill (Alli)

Rainbow Dashicorn (Rainbow)

Annabeth Shadownight (Annabeth Ravenclaw)

Flashneonblue#6 (Flash)

Carey Potter (Carey)

Ahlaam Nightshade (Ahlaam)


Dauntless Army (Allied with Roman Heroes of Olympus AND the Amazons AND birds):

Raven711(Literally Raven Reed) 

Raven's dragon, Literally. 

Tomato. (Random)

Chloe_123_x (Chloe)

Calista Lynch (Calista) 


Fish Army (Allied with Eragon, the Seven from the prophecy, Dragons, Pidgeons, and Elephants):

Rodrigo.R.R.Goldlight (Rod)

My Pidgefish (Pidgefish)

Lia is a cookie. (Lia) -Head Spy/Assistant

Tori B-S (Tori) -??

Delilah Minasaka (Delly) -Leader/helper of Titans

A Chemical Reaction (Paul) -Commander of fish

Evelyn Shadownight (Evelyn) -Spy

Sparrow3183 (Sparrow) -Dragon Rider/Master of Carnivorous Plants (Dragon called Sil'thrim [green])

DragonSouljess (Soul) - Dragon Rider (Dragon called Umbra [midnight blue])

FunnyFangirlGoldlight (????) - ????

Nightsong Goldlight (????) - ????




If you have issues, just tell me. Remember that this isn't serious in the least.


No. Just no. 


I hate you both.

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