A War in Which There Are Copious Amounts of Cake and Large Weapons

Who will triumph, Prodigy's DWATILNLTDE or Raven's Dauntless Army? Or possibly Rodrigo.R.R.Goldlight's FISH ARMY? (Nahhhh, not the stupid fish.) In this good-natured battle which is a complete and total joke, you might just find out. This was not based off of anyone else's movella, but rather a series of conversations about which you would know, if you were a part of them. Anyone can read this, however, assuming you do not take it seriously in any way.



S yes. I assme y've aleady jined Dantless. I y did, hee's y cake. And nw all the the wndel amy membes: 

*All  Dantless

*And Erdite. They'e stategical plannes.

*And Cand. I wanted them t be spies, bt the first time we tried didn't wk t t well. 

*Abnegatin and Amity,  cake-bakes/cleane-ppes/whateve the small tasks need t be dne

*The man demigds- well, the majity f them, anyways. We lst a few t the Fish Army... dn't knw hw...

*The Amazns. eyna cnvinced Hylla t jin as well. 

*Panem. They ageed t jin in exchange  Amity bead. xD

*A bnch of bids. Becase I can speak bid, bvisly. 

*aven's dagn. Wh is named Liteal, becase it's a liteal dagn. 


kay, and hee's the Mvellian pat f the amy: 

*Liteally aven eed (me. Dh.)

*Jess (witeandm)

*Chle (Chle_123_x)

*Calista (Calista Lynch) 

*(DivegentTis is being confimed) 

*(Feline is being confimed) 





*eat cake

*make eally annying jkes

*eat me cake

*blw stff p

*Beat Pdigy, nce and  all. 


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