A War in Which There Are Copious Amounts of Cake and Large Weapons

Who will triumph, Prodigy's DWATILNLTDE or Raven's Dauntless Army? Or possibly Rodrigo.R.R.Goldlight's FISH ARMY? (Nahhhh, not the stupid fish.) In this good-natured battle which is a complete and total joke, you might just find out. This was not based off of anyone else's movella, but rather a series of conversations about which you would know, if you were a part of them. Anyone can read this, however, assuming you do not take it seriously in any way.


7. 3. Fish Army: Introduction


Rodrigo looked out upon his kindom. Above him, 100,000 miles of ocean threatened to crush them. But they were protected. A giant glass dome stretched over their heads. Diamond webs spun, intertwined with the glass, re-enforcing it. Fish swum around the dome, and inside dragons milled around, waiting for their next battle. Two buildings could be noted in this place. The first, The Centre. Aptly named for its position, right in the centre of the dome, this was where the elites lived. Rodrigo had the top floor, and below him the best fighters, dragons, and fish slept peacfully. Saphira and Eragon, Percy and the seven, and all the heroes of the Fish Army slept there. It was the ultimate symbol of status.


The second building, however, was much more elegant. Full of curves and windows, the Transportation Hub lay next to the dome, almost touching it. That ws the masterpiece of their technology. Joint made by Leo Valdez and some of his most renowned fish experts, the building contained thousands upon thousands of stone squares, each one with a control panel rising out of the ground next to it. The problem of how to get fish, dragons, and everything else up to the surface quickly had been a problem pondered for centuries, but now they finally had the answer. Teleports. Linked to their arial base, the teleports could transport them above water, meaning they could attack quickly and efficiently.


Suddenly, a bird type thing flew toward Rodrigo. He smiled, and beckoned, as the animal landed on his shoulder. The renowned Pidgefish, the product of a fish and a pidgeon, with god and dragon DNA spliced in. Practically invincible, incredibly fast, and able to both fly and breath underwater, the Pidgefish was Rod's own renowned pet. It cawed, once, and them made a series of popping noises. 

"A message, eh?" Rod looked curiously at the Pidefish. "What type of message?".

Just then, a girl ran up the stairs to the balcony where Rod stood. 
"Nevermind," he said cheerfully at the Pidgefish, and turned to Lia, his consort and spy.

"Sir, we've just recieved this report!" Lia handed a white piece of paper to Rodrigo, obviously excited. Rodrigo looked down, absorbing the information written there.

"The DWATILNLTDE's base, you say? Empty? tomorrow? Well, this is good news. Prepare our Scout squad, and the teleports. We need to get ready for a mission."


A/N. Thanks for reading, and how you liked it! This is Rod, obviously, and hi! I already mentioned @Literate Lia , the first member of the Fish Army, so if you'd like to join, please ask in the comments! We need more people! :D Thanks!



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