Dreams of Insanity

Remember: Don't fall asleep.

A short thingy


1. Prologue



You seem a little glum...

Your eyes are closing...

Are you stressed?

Why not lull yourself to sleep.

To a place where there can be no woe.

To a place where there are no memories to stab you in the back.

To force regret.

You can leave all this pain.

To a blissful world.

Why not?




Let's do that.

Let's go into Dreamland.


A beautiful dreamland that no one wants to leave.

Wouldn't it be wonderful?

We could live in, share it, together.

All of us.

Everything will be just the way you like it.

Devoid of nothing but happiness.





Let's be friends.....



Everything that made you unhappy, just leave it all behind.

We'll remake your Utopia for you.

A perfect world no one could regret.

And everyone will be happier than they've ever been.






Like real friends.

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