Who Do I Love More?

*Fanfiction about Zayn and Liam*
Nancy finally got tickets for the Where We Are Tour from One Direction. But when she meets them something really strange happens...


7. Waking Up

Nancy's POV

I remember going to the park to see Sandy. We talked there and she was acting really mysterious. After that I can't remember anything. I just got home again and I'm really confused. I think I messed up big time. I lay down on my bed and let all the memories of the day pass by once again.


"Hey Sandy, she is opening her eyes!", I hear a guy's voice say.

I hear footsteps coming closer and I see Sandy's face appear in front of my head.

"Hey Nanc, how are you doing? You fell to the ground when you saw them?", Sandy says.

"When I saw who?", I ask her.

"One Direction of course! Look around. These five boys brought you to their hotel room so you could wake up easily and wouldn't lay down on that dirty ground.", she answers with a bit of annoy in her voice.

"WHAT! WHY! I want to go home NOW!", I exclaim and I storm out of the room, letting a confused Sandy and One Direction behind.


I hear the doorbell ring downstairs. I get off my bed and get the door. It's Sandy.

"Hey San, come in.", I say.

"Thanks", she murmurs when she steps in.

We go to the lounge and sit down on the big comfy sofa. Oh how I wish I had a boyfriend right now so I could cuddle with him on this couch and watch a movie with him. Then we can kiss and...

I snap out of my thoughts when Sandy speaks up.

"Why did you run away this morning?", she asks a bit angry.

"Because I... I don't know.", I respond a bit embarrased.

"You ruined something that could be the best moment of your life! Oh and by the way, I got you something for your birthday, but we got interrupted.", and she smashes some kind of envelope on the ground and leaves.

I pick the envelope up and look at it. It is green with black kind of stripes, small and very light. I open it up and I see tickets for a concert... For the concert of ONE DIRECTION!! I feel lots of guilt wash over me. And I decide to go to Sandy.

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