Who Do I Love More?

*Fanfiction about Zayn and Liam*
Nancy finally got tickets for the Where We Are Tour from One Direction. But when she meets them something really strange happens...


4. Surprise?

Sandy's POV

After the party at school I started dating Jim. I really liked him and he confessed he had his eyes set on me ever since he saw me. He dated so many girls because he wanted to make me jealous. But he doesn't need to anymore. Now I really need to focus on tomorrow because it's Nancy's birthday tomorrow. The sale of the tickets for the One Direction concert was last week. Nancy has tried to get some for us, but she didn't get them. I said I also tried, but failed. She was really sad because she almost knew we were going to get tickets. But she doesn't know I actually did get some tickets for the concert and meet & greet. So I had to freak out on the inside and don't show to Nancy. It has to be a surprise for her. I decided to call her and tell her where she has to be tomorrow to get her present. After the third ring she picked up.

"Hey Sandy.", she says.

"Hey Nanc", I reply.

"What's up? You're sounding very excited. Is it about Jim? Are you two finally together?", she asks curiously.

"No, it's not about Jim. Not this time", I joke.

"What is it about then?"

"I want you to be at our spot in the park tomorrow at 11 am"

"Why? Tomorrow is my birthday. You know that right? My whole family will be here then."

"Just be there. It won't take long", I say and with those words I end the call.

Nancy's POV

I can't believe she just hung up on me like that. But I am really curious. What was she talking about? Why did she hunp up so suddenly? I don't know. Let's just get in the park tomorrow at 11 so I can hear her out.

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