Who Do I Love More?

*Fanfiction about Zayn and Liam*
Nancy finally got tickets for the Where We Are Tour from One Direction. But when she meets them something really strange happens...


1. Getting Tickets

Nancy's POV

Hi, I'm Nancy. I'm 17 years old and I have short, blonde hair. I love to read and I love One Direction. I don't really have a favourite boy, they are all way too cute! I live in London and I'm a fan ever since the beginning in 2010. I have tried to get tickets for all of their concerts, but I haven't got them yet. This Thursday the ticket sale for the Where We Are Tour starts. I hope to get tickets!

But now I have History class with my best friend Sandy. She is the best friend I have ever had. We help each other when one of us is having trouble. I don't really like History. It's kinda annoying to hear all those stories from the past, knowing the small chance it will ever happen again. But I have this class with Sandy, so we can talk and annoy the teacher a little.

--School is over--

Finally, school is over. Sandy and I are going to the mall to get a cute dress for the party at school tonight. We get inside Paris 2 Day.

"Hey, Sandy, I think this dress will look amazing on you", I exclaim to Sandy who is on the other side of the store.

"I'll be right there, wait a second", she responds while walking towards me with 5 dresses.

"Here, put this one on", I say to her.

"Only if you try these ones", she says.

I take the dresses from her and give her mine. Then we both walk to the fitting rooms. When we come out I sigh. I'm very insecure about my body. I see Sandy and say: "WOW! That dress fits you perfectly!"

"Thanks. That one looks very good on you too" she responds, "I think we should buy them."

"Okay, let's buy them and get back to my house then", I say and so we do.


Sandy's POV

Wow, that dress really looks perfectly on Nancy. I'm not very sure about my own though. But Nancy said it is nice, so I will just take it.

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