Who Do I Love More?

*Fanfiction about Zayn and Liam*
Nancy finally got tickets for the Where We Are Tour from One Direction. But when she meets them something really strange happens...


3. Asking Out

A/N: I will try to update this story at least once a week. I hope you're enjoying is so far.

Sandy's POV

We just arrived at the school party in the canteen which was huge. There were a lot of people already. I was getting a bit nervous about Jim, because I haven't asked a boy out before. The time Nancy and I had left we spent talking trough every scenario that could eventually happen.

"Hey Nanc! Have you seen him already?", I shouted over the really loud music.

"No! But I will tell you immediatly if I do!", she screamed back to me.

I just nodded back to her because I don't want to lose my voice before I have talked to Jim. Nancy suddenly grabbed my hand and took me to the girls bathroom.

"I just spotted him with a bunch of friends", she whispers in excitement.

"Okay, I'm starting to get really nervous now actually.", I replie.

"Don't worry. I'll be right behind you. Maybe I can get one of his friends.", she jokes winking.

I quickly fixed my make-up and hair in the mirror and nodded to Nancy, ready to go.

Nancy's POV

I could feel Sandy being tensed up since we got here. Luckily I just saw Jim so she can maybe ease her nerves a bit. If she knows the answer she'll have no nerves anymore, but hopefully a feeling of immense happiness.

She nodded to me to check if I was ready to go. I nodded back to confirm she could go. We're now walking to Jim and his friends. I get a bit zoned out because of the loud music, but I can clearly hear Sandy and Jim talk.

"Hey Jim. Can I talk to you for a second?", Sandy asks.

"Yeah sure, let's walk to a place where the music is less loud", Jim replies. 

And with that they walk away and I stay behind.

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