Who Do I Love More?

*Fanfiction about Zayn and Liam*
Nancy finally got tickets for the Where We Are Tour from One Direction. But when she meets them something really strange happens...


31. After Dinner

Nancy's POV

After 10 minutes of laying on my bed and listening One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer and texting Zayn and Sandy, Liam comes through the door. He looks like he's going to cry. I jump up from my bed.

"What's wrong, babe. Was it that bad?" I ask while giving him a big hug.

Liam doesn't answer so I pull away. I look into his eyes and see those puppy dog eyes. But I see something else in them. It's a spark that I always see when he's telling a joke or something.

"Liam?" I say. "What are you hiding from me?"

Suddenly he start laughing very hard. He falls on the ground. After a while of me looking at him with an angry face he stops. He stands up and walks over to me.

"I'm so super sorry. I will never do this again. I promise" he says and he hugs me.

"Okay. I'll forgive you." I say but I know I will get him back somehow.

"Do you want to sleep over tonight?" Liam asks.

"Sure. Let me pack some things then. Then we can go in like... 10 minutes." I answer.

I start to walk around in my room and Liam sits down and watches me intensely.

"What did mom want to talk to you about?" I ask to distract him.

"Nothing much. Just about our relationship. How long we are together now and if I want to go further with you." he answers.

"Further with what?" I ask with a smirk on my face.

"You know what" he laughs.

"Do you want to go further with me?" I ask getting curious.

"Well, first: only if you want to too. And second: we just know each other for like three weeks." he says.

I stop dead in my tracks by hearing this answer.

"Are you being serious?" I turn around.

"Yes, I am dead serious"

"That is seriously the best thing a boy has ever said to me" I say running towards him and kissing him full on his mouth.

I feel Liam's tongue asking for entrance. I open my lips a little bit but not enough for his tongue to be able to get through. Liam's hands go to the sides of my waist and he tickles me a little, just enough to make the entrance big enough for his tongue. Our tongues wrestle for a while and then I pull away.

"Liam, if you want me to sleep over at your place I'll have to finish packing" I say.

His smile fades a little but turns back immediately.

"Do you want me to help?" he asks.

"No, I'm almost finished." I say.

He leans back in the sofa and starts looking at me again. It gets really annoying now.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Why are you staring at me the whole time?"

"Because I love you. You are beautiful and every time I look at you I wonder why I got to be your boyfriend. I look at you to see your smile, your beautiful eyes and you. Just you." Liam says.

I start to tear up because of all this sweetness.

"Forget what I just said. This is the sweetest thing a boy has ever said to me" I say, letting the tears stream down my face.

Liam immediately stands up from the couch and walks over to me and takes me in for a big hug. I wrap my arms around is back and put my head into his chest.

"Why do you say all these things?" I ask him when my tears stop falling.

"Because I love you. These things are true. These words are straight out of my heart" he says.



"I love you"

"I love you too, babe"

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