Save me from the monster (ziam)

Save me from the monster

Hi I'm Zayn Malik. I thought I had the perfect life until my mum died 5 years ago. Ever since then everything went downhill. My father turned to alcohol and drugs. He even got a woman pregnant, but after she had the baby she abandoned her with us. So I have a little step sister called Misha. She's 1 1/2 years old. I try to protect her from our dad, but sometimes he's to strong. The beatings are getting worse everyday will someone ever help me?...


2. She noticed

Zayn's pov

"Get up you useless piece of shit" my dad slurred banging the door.

I got up from the mattress on the floor. Dad had broken the bed when he got frustrated with me. I stretched upwards and winced, feeling the blows from him all over again. The walls in my room were cracked and stained slightly with blood, but I tried to cover up theses patches with posters. I hated the man he had become. I missed the father that taught me how to ride a bike, not the one who beat me up.

I stood up and grabbed my work clothes. I'd been working at he same coffee shop for 2 years now and actually enjoyed it. Sometimes I sang there as well if I needed the extra cash. Dad worked away in a business company and usually got home late and drunk. Leaving me to care for Misha.

I hopped into the shower and rubbed my body clean. I looked down at my arms and saw the long, deep scars making me wince. Every cut was due to the physical and metal abuse my dad had ever given me. It reminded me of how pathetic I was.

After my shower I shrugged on my clothes. I made my way to Misha's room. She was holding onto her battered crib, trying to stand up. When I entered she looked up at me and squealed in delight. She currently had a black eye from dad's last outrage. I felt useless for not being able to protect her. Misha saw me and squealed in delight, bouncing slightly. Since dad had done a bad job at raising her she was basically my daughter now... Well it kinda felt like she was.

"Good morning princess" I murmured to her.

She gurgled in response.

"Someone hungry?" I laughed bouncing her in my arms

"ZAYN HURRY THE FUCK UP" dad screeched. Making Misha flinch.

"Sorry father I'm coming" I replied, jogging down the stairs with Misha In my arms.

"What took you so long" my father snapped.

"I was just taking a shower, sorry" I whimpered.

"THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOW GET CLEANING" he screamed slapping me.

I set Misha down in her high chair and rubbed my cheek. I was used to the beatings so it didn't hurt that much. Father stood up and grabbed his keys.

"This house better be spotless by the time I get back or els" he threatened.

I nodded as he slammed the door shut. I let out a sigh of relief.

Ii walked over to the cupboard and got out the baby powder so I could make Misha's milk. She was nearly 2 years old but still relied on milk and baby food. Most 2 year old could talk, but not Misha. She was mute, I'd tried to get her to talk but she refuses. I think it's because of father and the fact she is to afraid of him.

I mixed up her milk and passed it to her in her bottle. I got together her baby bag, making sure to pack her dummy, blanket, nappies, teddy, toys and even milk powder and baby food. Whilst I went to work I dropped Misha to the lady who lived next door. Her name was Sarah and she babysitter Misha whilst I worked. I think Misha had guessed about the abuse because of the bruises on me and Misha.

I picked up Misha and burped her since she finished her bottle. I took her upstairs and changed her into her flowery summer dress that she adored. I then matched it with a pink bow in her thick curly black hair. She looked a lot like me, the only thing different was her blue eyes and slightly lighter skin because I was darkly tanned. She had he pink dummy in her mouth as I picked her up and headed to the door. My phone and wallet were in my pockets in case of an emergency. I grabbed the keys and locked up the old crummy house which I hated so much.

Misha spotted a butterfly and started giggling. I chuckled as well and headed to Sarah's.

I knocked on the door, only to see Sarah run up to the door in her flour covered apron.

"Hello love!" She smiled kissing my cheek and hugging me.

"Hiya Sarah, you ready for today" I chuckled.

"Of course I always love having my little granddaughter over!" She cheered.

(Sarah is a 62 year old widow who is practically there fake grandma)

"Thank you for having her, I'll be over at 5pm" I smiled happily.

"That's fine dear my pleasure!" She chirped.

She then spotted the bruise on Misha's face and the hand mark on my cheek.

"When?" She grimaced.

"Misha last night, me this morning" I sighed.

"Please let me do something" she begged.

"No, I'm fine Sarah, when I get enough money I'm moving out and taking Misha" I frowned.

"How long will that be?" She asked worriedly.

"Couple of months at most" I whispered, scratching my neck.

"Okay, well I'll see you later love" she smiled kissing my cheek.

I waved her off and walk towards the coffee shop. This is going to be a long day...

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