A group of kids, who stuck it out together throughout their early stages of life, embark on a journey to a secret world hidden beneath the earth's surface. However, on their journey's they must all overcome their weaknesses and their pasts, side by side with each other.


4. Chapter 3 - Just one Stop


The tribe of friends had all obtained jobs, except for Rein and Teal. Rein decided that he wanted to focus all his attention on studies, the rest of the group advised against the decision, but still supported him in the end. Teal lost her job due to the increased financial pressure on her company, she was told that they will find a job for her and they loved having her, but they needed to reorganise their finance and for a while some employees needed to quit work. It was almost Christmas, each individual had spoken with their guardians or parents about their plans. They had all accepted that this Christmas would be their last Christmas with their child, so the Meso-Force decided to stick with their families for a week.

Each member of the team successfully passed exams and all exceeded expectations, as usual. Polo wasn’t the lowest anymore, he stood up to his father one night before exams and his dad never touched him after that, which gave him the freedom to study as hard as he could. This gave him some pleasure and negated his bitterness enough for him to gain employment as a butcher.

The rest of the group had gained employment elsewhere. Enza got a job as a Jeweller, Yai-Lin managed to get a job at an Asian restaurant, Xiao ended up as a mentor for suicidal teenagers, Huay naturally became a chef at a French restaurant in the city, Simmone ended up as a brickie and was probably the only guy to ever be able to handle the demanding job and Trixie gain a scholarship with an engineering firm to study engineering and have a job with the firm and was only needed to work one year more out of University.

They met the financial need by this time and were all to move in February. In the meantime, the group worked in with their employers and also hung out every weekend with each other. Towards the end of January, Teal still had not found a job, she had managed to get onto Centrelink and was able to earn $220 student allowance. They also all started enrolling in their degrees for their Universities.

Enza enrolled into Geothermal technologies, Yai-Lin enrolled in Geology, Polo enrolled in Thermo-Dynamics that would later lead to the possibility of writing a PhD, Huay study Aquaculture and marine biology, Rein enrolled into a degree of Archaeology, taking extra subjects in tourism, Teal enrolled in Ancient history, specifically related to lost cultures and Simmone enrolled in Mining. Trixie naturally enrolled in engineering, robotic and mechanical.

February came and they all moved in together, there was a lot of initial fighting over who gets what, what the ground rules were, who were elected to keep their cars and on and on and on. Teal was responsible for the house since the owner had rented it out to her in her name, so they all respected and decisions that she made. Teal made it clear that Yai-Lin, Enza, Trixie and herself were to share two rooms and the other three were for the ‘boys’ to sort out. Since Teal and Rein were not working, they were elected to cook meals each night, and Huay would teach them. Occasionally Huay would also cook a meal, and to no offense of Teal and Rein were both amateurs in comparison to Hauy’s cooking skills, everyone loved what became ‘Huay’ night. They had all become Christian’s during their high school life, and so they dedicated two mornings a week to half-hour devotions. Simmone personally invested in some home gym equipment for all to use, though he used them the most. He need to do more exercise.

Trixie invested in all computer’s within the house, with a small amount of assistance from each member. She bought individual components and built each person their own computer the way they requested. The rest invested in furniture, electronics, office supplies and planned the future repairs of the heater that was needed. It wasn’t the warmest summer the group has experienced, so they relied on fans and open windows rather than using Air-Conditioning. The Meso-Force had settled in quite well, they were all to begin their lives, their adventures, but as years went by, many hardships had faced them. No one did anything drastic, and Rein had calmed down from his hunt for revenge, either that or he was just masking his ever burning anger. The rest of the group lived life trying to avoid their difficult pasts and move on with their lives. The group stuck together and eventually got ownership over the house and a few of them had changed jobs, but it wasn’t until their final years that they really got their biggest shock.

The group had planned to meet at a café within the city for an afternoon once they had finished their days. Enza was walking with Rein leaving Uni to go to the train station when a familiar figure approached them.

“Hello Enza and Rein. My you two have grown! Why, I remember when you were just children! It feels like yesterday almost.” Mrs Nettle looked quite different to almost a decade, but the pair recognised her still.

“Mrs. Nettle?” Enza and Rein were completely in sync with their surprise.

“Oh you can call me Lyn now” Lyn’s smile was so much bigger than when she was teaching back in year 6. Enza and Rein were still in shock at meeting Lyn again after all these years. “Are you two still pursuing your dreams?” said Lyn inquisitively

“Indeed we are, in fact, we are ‘bout to meet with the rest of your ‘Meso-Force’ now.” Said Enza with a smile. Rein looked at Lyn with discontent however. He was suspicious.

“Wonderful, I hate to intrude, but I would like to ask you all of a favour, I have been trying to find you all for a while.” Lyn’ expression was eager, the idea of a Primary School teacher seeking them in their final year pestered Rein furthermore.

“No you can’t come!” Rein spoke loudly.

“ha-ha-ha, sure you can come Lyn” Enza said with a displeased stare at Rein.

“Wonderful, lead the way Enza and Rein.”

The train ride was quiet, the occasional child would scream or cry, and the students who were wagging classes were all laughing with each other at who had done the worst crime. When they arrived at the station they met up with Simmone and Yai-Lin, the pair had arrived an hour beforehand and went to have some soda with each other. Lyn introduced herself again to Simmone and Yai-Lin and Enza explained why she was with them. They then to take a detour to pick up Trixie and Teal, then meet Huay, Polo and Xiao at the café. They all purchased their meals and drinks and sat down at a large table. After about half an hour of catching up, Rein asked Lyn why she was here.

“Yes, my purpose for being here. I think I have some explaining to do. You see, I wasn’t a teacher very long, before I was a teacher, I was actually, a deep sea explorer. Then after teaching you guys, I couldn’t handle it, I needed to go back to exploring, I needed that thrill of adventure of discovering lost artefacts and finding hidden secrets about the earth’s submerged mysteries.”

“Aha, that’s great-“

“Shut up Rein” said Enza between clenched teeth and simultaneously elbowing him. “Sorry Lyn, go on”.

“hmm, well anyway. Where was I?” She looked aimlessly for a moment. “Ahh yes, that’s right. So, I was hired once more to continue my trips to the deep sea. But my latest expedition, well, let’s say we discovered something very crucial about our earth, but I lost my entire crew in sacrifice to my mission of preserving this information.” Lyn’s facial expression displayed deep sorrow, but she tried to hide it anyway. “I lost my whole crew and my ability to ever work in that field again. However, even though they thought the information I preserved was fake, I still have it. It’s extremely important, but no-on will believe me. I was hoping that some folks like you, with the dreams you had, would be interested in such information.”

Rein let out a “hmph” of disgust, but everyone else was interested.

“Well, what is this information first?” Teal inquired.

“Well, deep under the Pacific ocean, I saw with my own eyes, that there is another civilisation. A civilisation that has technology beyond our years. You would be perfectly suited to go and explore the civilisation yourself, but that won’t be for a while. I did not see a threat until a large underwater serpent attacked their deep-sea submarine. I don’t know how, but they have harnessed or created or done something to obtain such a mythical creature. I saw many mythical beasts as I floated in my capsule to the surface. They are harvesting deadly and lethal creatures down there that we only have nightmares of. We got to do something!”.

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