A group of kids, who stuck it out together throughout their early stages of life, embark on a journey to a secret world hidden beneath the earth's surface. However, on their journey's they must all overcome their weaknesses and their pasts, side by side with each other.


3. Chapter 2 - The Meso-Force

Friday afternoons was dedicated study for the Meso-Force. They were in final year high-school, and each decided they wanted to go to University to study the degrees relative to their dreams in year 6. The group were high achievers in all their academic pursuits and despite their diversity of personality’s they had developed throughout teenage life, they had become quite close. They relied on each other for help with schooling or personal troubles. They often worked on group projects, at one point they actually all researched and built together a robot that was able to follow them around and carry small items or carry their books for classes. In one of their final classes for the year, the group discussed their futures.

“Teal, Polo, Xiao, Huay, Yai-Lin, Simmone, Trixie and Rein. You are my closest friends, and you know that ever since I lost my parents, you have been my family. After we finish, I don’t want us to split and go our separate ways. What are we going to do?” Enza had turned out to become the smartest of them all, but tragically lost her entire family to a drive-by shooting while she was out at a school camp.

The group thought for a bit. Then Trixie spoke up.

“Perhaps it would be best for us all to find a place to live together?” Trixie’s affinity for practical thinking was not only advantageous to her being a good engineer, but was her greatest trait for thinking of plans.

“Well, let’s look at how possible this is. First, Finances” Polo had become a critical person due to always being the lowest achiever of the group. This was due to being abused at his home, he was often beat every night and was never able to give all the time he wanted for study.

“Well, I earn about $350 a fortnight. I don’t mind contributing some for a start, besides, most of us will get a job these summer holidays.”  Teal was the most generous and helpful of them all; she grew up in an initially poor family, who became rich soon after her father was promoted in his job. He became a billionaire after he took the position of a CEO in an international communications company. Unfortunately, his promotion was also about the same time her parents divorced. She rarely saw her father after the divorce and apart from the Meso-Force, she only had her mum.

“I am applying for a job at the Café in the University of South Australia. Hopefully I get it, things look promising at the moment.” Huay had a natural talent for cooking and hospitality. He got into cooking after his family of twelve needed him to cook while his parents were working. This was his only responsibility in his house, he was going to move out anyway to lower the costs on his family.

“The whole lot of us are likely to earn income over the holidays, we must need a unit that fits all of us.” Xiao was always optimistic throughout his life, his only brother died due to a drug overdose. Xiao’s brother was a few years older than him, but he was still his best friend up until recently, Xiao noticed his brother was disappearing into his room where no one was allowed. When Xiao confronted him, he just evaded the question and carried on. That night however was the night he died. Xiao struggled with forgiving his father, but he was still strong in his faith.

“Xiao’s right, what are we waiting for. Let’s start looking for unit in the CBD.” Simmone was the most enthusiastic of them all. He always liked diving into any task giving little or no thought to risks. This has got him to trouble a few times, but was also the reason he gained respect by showing his peers that it’s always first come first serve. He grew up in a family of soldiers. His parents were enlisted in the army, his older sister was a naval officer and his older brother was a pilot in the air force. Simmone wanted to join the military, but had no interest in joining the navy or air force, and when his chance to join the army came, he was more interested in doing a research degree in laser weaponry.

“How do we know if we will all be able to go to local Uni’s?” Yai-Lin was staring at the ground when she realised that her degree she wanted was down south at Flinder’s University. Yai-lin moved from China after she was born. Due to the one child policy, her mother had a private home birth, and when the midwife attempted to steal the baby away as by law, Yai-lin’s father killed the midwife in order to protect her. They quickly framed the situation and moved to Australia. They managed to hide that they had an extra child but pretending that Yai-lin’s mother was still pregnant, and hid the child under her clothing. She knew the danger’s of flying a baby so young, but she had to take that chance. Miraculously, she made it alive and healthy, and after a few years they were able to legally live in South Australia.

“Details, details. All these details will sort themselves, I say that’s a great idea. I agree with Simmone, this time we find a way. You guys are also family to me, and I ain’t gonna let that slip.” Rein was orphaned as a child with his sister. The two were adopted a by a lovely couple and were raised as their own. However, a few years down the track and Rein’s sister was kidnapped and sold into the sex-slave trade. Rein promised vengeance to himself and to this day seeks his sister when he isn’t doing homework. Even in this group he sometimes gets distracted. He ended up looking at a degree of law and justice due to his pursuit and also worked with a hacktivist in order to find his sister. His only chance of finding her is that he free as many as possible slaves. He didn’t even know his sister was alive, but he knew that if he meets any man involved, even a customer, he would slaughter them on the spot. Ever since the kidnapping, he trained in martial arts and researched many different assassinations in order to learn how many ways he would be able to kill his enemies. His studying law was so he could then be able to bend the rules for his sake, regardless of which country he finds himself in.

“Right! Well, we all know what to look for I assume?” Everyone nodded at Enza, “Well, let’s get crackin’”.

 For the next two hours they devised a list of units, flats and houses that would provide accommodation for them all, they then filtered through the most expensive ones and halved the list, then they set a maximum distance for any one person to travel and finally they selected the best value by dividing price by property size. They settled on a house situated in Marion, south of the CBD.

The house they settled with a 5 bedroom house with a study and garage. The house had two bathrooms and a loving area. It was a fairly small backyard, with some grass and a work shed and the house was in need of some repair, but they knew they could fix it. Still, if they chose to rent, they would all be paying a total of $470 a week, which would mean each tenant would pay $120 dollars toward bills, rent and other costs. They also sought out the price of purchasing the house, however the market wasn’t the greatest at this time, and at $400,000, they knew it may be a while before they end up purchasing the house.

Trixie suggested she could try and break a deal. That they would rent for a while and reduce the cost of the house by $200,000 and they were to have free reign and responsibility to fix the house. The whole plan would save them at least $100,000, but they were to look after the house as if it was their own.

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.” Rein whispered in Enza’s ear as they were leaving. Enza smiled, this was a dream come true, that she could live with her entire family. For now she swapped houses with all the girls in the group on a weekly rotation. She would finally have a home. It was no secret that everyone was secretly happy, but none dared express it. That would be just immature each of them thought.

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