Falling For You

Matt Healy, your typical guy. The type that likes to impress people, he'd do anything to get attention.

No matter how important the next few years ahead were, he didn't care. All he cared about was writing.

By writing, I don't mean the author type. I mean the singer, songwriter. He'd always had a thing for writing songs.

Obviously, he was one of the popular guys in the university he was now attending.

He'd taken a variety of subjects and courses for the few years he'd be spending in this place, one of the main ones being music.

At first, he thought the whole idea of attending a university was ridiculous, he didn't think that he'd get anything out of it.

It all begins to change when the year starts and he meets new people. He makes new friends, and enemies, but there's a certain person that catches his eye.


3. chapter three

Matt's POV;

Music. This was probably the only thing I was bothered about out of all the courses I'd actually decided to take.

I walked into the room and made my way straight to the back, sitting myself down on a seat on the right side of the room.

The room began to fill up quite quickly, just as we were about to start, a familiar figure walked into the room.

"First impressions are always great." The guy stood at the front of the class laughed, sarcasm clear in his voice.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea where I was going." She apologised.

She also made her way to the back of the room, avoiding to make eye contact with me.

"My names Mr Radcliffe and I'll be your tutor for the next couple of years that you spend here, but if you'd like, you can just call me Jonah." He spoke.

I looked to the left of me to see George there, laughing at me. I had no idea why he was laughing, but he was.

"What?" I glared.

"There's some guy over there proper digging you out." He whispered, loud enough for me to hear.

I moved my head in the direction that George was looking to see quite a tall guy with brown curly hair leaning on his elbow, staring at me.

I threw a smile in his direction, stopping myself from causing an argument considering I'd only just got here and I didn't want to give myself a bad reputation.

"Tegan Forte."

"Erm, excuse me. It's Tegan Forbes and yes, I'm here." I turned my head to see the girl I'd previously met glaring at him.

"Matthew Healy?" The guy who would be known as my tutor spoke, completely avoiding the mix up with Tegan's last name.

"It's Matt, or Matty." I told him, shooting a glare whilst I was at it.

"I apologise." He nodded his head.

"Styles." Jonah spoke.

The guy who was previously staring at me had turned his head to face Jonah, nodding his head at him and starting a conversation with him about the past and shit.

"I'm sure there's plenty of time to have a catch up." I laughed.

This 'styles' guy shot me a glare and I let a chuckle escape my lips.

We didn't really do much, all we did was sat there whilst 'Styles' and Jonah had their little catch up.

"Tegan." I spoke, turning my head towards her.

She looked at me, rolling her eyes in the process, following with a quite but loud enough sigh for me to hear.

"Yes?" She questioned.

"He's a twat isn't he, I mean, he needs to learn to read." I chuckled, talking about the fact he called her Forte and not Forbes.

"It was sort of irritating that he made a mistake but I wouldn't go that far and start name calling." She shook her head at me.

"Jesus Christ, ok." I laughed.

"You're so rude." Again, she shook her head.

"No, darling. I'm just not daddy's little princess, who has lots of money and doesn't do anything bad. In fact, I'm the complete opposite to what you are." I scoffed, proud of the way I'd used the word 'darling'

"Be quiet, Matthew." She spat.

"Anything for you, Forte." I sniggered.

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