Falling For You

Matt Healy, your typical guy. The type that likes to impress people, he'd do anything to get attention.

No matter how important the next few years ahead were, he didn't care. All he cared about was writing.

By writing, I don't mean the author type. I mean the singer, songwriter. He'd always had a thing for writing songs.

Obviously, he was one of the popular guys in the university he was now attending.

He'd taken a variety of subjects and courses for the few years he'd be spending in this place, one of the main ones being music.

At first, he thought the whole idea of attending a university was ridiculous, he didn't think that he'd get anything out of it.

It all begins to change when the year starts and he meets new people. He makes new friends, and enemies, but there's a certain person that catches his eye.


18. chapter eighteen

Tegan's POV;

"Oh wow, so I'll hurt you but he won't, is that right Teegs?" That familiar voice spoke.

I turned to face him, not knowing what to say to him. I was happy now, we were happy.

"Matt, don't make a fool of yourself." I whispered, trying to stop him from making a scene and embarrassing the both of us.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do, Tegan. You think I'd hurt you but him? He's perfect isn't he, he's mr all innocent he wouldn't even consider laying a finger on you, you know that's bullshit, Tegan. You know it. So why the fuck are you doing this to me?" He spat, it was obvious he was drunk, or high at least. His whole body was burning up.

I felt Styles' grip tighten around my waist as Matt began walking towards the both of us.

"Tegan, why are you doing this?" He questioned, his voice barely able to hear.

"Mate, I think you should go back inside, or maybe consider going back to your room. I think you've had enough." Styles smirked, placing a hand on Matt's shoulder.

I knew for a fact that wouldn't go down well. I took a deep breath, pushing myself out of his grip and walking straight past them both leaving them to carry on doing whatever they wanted.

"Tegan, don't walk away from me!" Matt shouted, he was running behind me now, I could tell by the way he'd shouted.

I turned into another room, hoping it would be full of people so he wouldn't notice me if he looked in here, but god I was wrong.

The room was empty with music blasting through the speakers. I heard his voice shouting throughout the house and I knew he was close to where I was.

I took a deep breath, holding it in until I knew he was gone. After about 5 minutes, the shouting had finally stopped so I decided to walk out of the room, only to be grabbed by the arm, and span to face him.

"Answer me. Why are you doing this to me?" He whispered, his lips in level with mine.

I could smell the alcohol and smoke on his breath, and even that didn't stop me from wanting to pull at his collar and bring his lips to mine, but I couldn't do that.

I was with styles now, not Matt. I never was with Matt. Matt and myself, we were friends, in fact, I don't even know what we were, but we aren't anything anymore.

"I'm not doing anything to you, Matthew. Move on, find a girl, fuck her, do whatever you have to do. I don't want you, I'm with Styles, and I'm happy. I don't need you. Just leave me alone." I shrugged, pushing my way past him.

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