Falling For You

Matt Healy, your typical guy. The type that likes to impress people, he'd do anything to get attention.

No matter how important the next few years ahead were, he didn't care. All he cared about was writing.

By writing, I don't mean the author type. I mean the singer, songwriter. He'd always had a thing for writing songs.

Obviously, he was one of the popular guys in the university he was now attending.

He'd taken a variety of subjects and courses for the few years he'd be spending in this place, one of the main ones being music.

At first, he thought the whole idea of attending a university was ridiculous, he didn't think that he'd get anything out of it.

It all begins to change when the year starts and he meets new people. He makes new friends, and enemies, but there's a certain person that catches his eye.


8. chapter eight

Tegan's POV;

We'd arrived at the party and as soon as we walked through the doors, I wanted to leave.

I'm not the type to attend parties, I hate them. I always have hated them. I hate alcohol, there's reasons for that though.

"Are you okay?" Matthew asked.

"I'm fine. I think I'm going to leave." I smiled, I really don't think I could stay here much longer.

"What, why? Stay for a little bit longer." He pleaded.

"What's the point? You have friends here, you can stay with them. You can get drunk, you can smoke, you can do what you want. I just want to go back to my room, this isn't what I do." I told him.

"Right, ok. I'll walk you back." He smiled, placing his drink on the table closest to us, walking out of the kitchen and towards the door.

I'd tell him he doesn't need to walk me back but he'd only tell me to shut up or something.

"You need to start living a little." He laughed.

"What do you mean?" I asked, I knew exactly what he meant.

"Drink, smoke. Stop being so innocent. Innocent is boring." He shook his head.

"I can't just do what you do, Matthew. I can't just get alcohol and drink it, buy cigarettes and smoke them. You don't know what my parents are like." I sighed, they haven't always been like this, but ever since what happened, they've changed.

"Tell me about them." He smiled, suddenly becoming interested.

Matt's POV;

"They've always been the over protective parents. Even with my sister, she was the type to turn against them. She'd drink, and smoke, Callan actually reminds me of her. The thing is, one day, Everly really did rebel against them. It's like someone else had taken over my sisters body, that wasn't her. She got so drunk and high, that she ended up leading herself to her own death. She was only 3 years older than me. Ever since this happened, my parents have became really strict with me. They wouldn't let me leave the house for a while, I've never drank alcohol or even considered smoking because they've put things into my head, they've made me think that if I drink, or smoke, I'll just turn out how Everly did, my life would be over before I know it." She explained.

I stopped at this point, letting it sink in. Just because her sister had done something and gone too far, her parents had thought that it'd be a good idea to stop Tegan from having a life and living a little.

"Tegan, I get that you're scared about that. I do, honestly. What your parents have done though, they're putting things in your head, they're making you think that if you do one thing wrong, you'll be lifeless, but listen to me, you're your own person, you have a right to do what you want, you shouldn't have to live up to your parents expectations. You should live how you want." I told her. It's the truth. I've done exactly the same thing. At first, my parents didn't exactly like the fact I was drinking and smoking more than I should, but it's my life and my decisions.

She didn't say anything for a while, instead she just sat down on the wall that we were previously stood opposite.

I made my way towards it, sitting down next to her and placing my arm around her shoulder, without her even considering pushing me away.

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