The Secret Prankster

Vihan, a 16 year old nerd boy who, with his two nerd friends, pranks on people. No one knows who does all the pranks and they don't even doubt on the three friends because they are "Nerds". All of a sudden, the three friends seem to notice that there is one more person who is pranking other than them and he/she is much better. They set out to find out the answer to the question "Who is the secret prankster?" (Cover made by River Summers :D )


4. Chapter 4 - The Realization

The next day, only thing everyone talked about was the awesome memes made on my neighbour. I feel kind of bad for her but, you know, it was funny, specially because she was the joke and it suits her as she is weird enough to make you laugh the first time you'll see her talk- fumbling on her words and the nervousness can be clearly seen on her face. I kind of feel, on the basis of making the first impression, she fumbles. She fumbled the first day she came to talk to me and asked, "What're 'or aim," instead of "What's your name" and I was like "What?" and she was like "You're...- name! name! Yeah, that's it, name. I totally forgot that word," and I was like- God bless her. On that day I realised why my mother loves the phrase "Ignorance is bliss" because it is a bliss when it comes to "my weird neighbour" type of people.

Ritvik and Neel are, as usual, sitting on the front seats as they feel that teachers give more attention to the front-seaters. Nerds. 

"You don't need to be innocent 'cause I know what you did," I say.

Ritvik looks up expressionless and says, "Do I know you?"

"God, Ritvik. I thought we ended this then and there!"

He checks his glasses with his short fingers like a class teacher and raises his eyebrow. "Well, stranger, you look like you think a lot so why don't you think about the people making your life?"

Not this topic again! These people are the craziest of the kind you'll ever meet. Just like a chewing-gum, which sticks to your shoe's soul and doesn't completely leave you unless you stab it with a knife, they stick to the topics they wish to. Stubborn asses. Still I hang-out with these asses because they are like me: nerds. 

"You are such a girl, Ritvik" I say, sliding down my backpack on the ground and pulling out my phone.

"Oh, I'm a girl? What do you know about girls? You can't have any kind of contact with them, including eye contact, because no girl cares about you, and now when you're getting THE CHANCE, you don't want to or you won't let anybody help you."

I chuckle, "Man, I'm serious, you are really talking like girl right now."

"You don't know about girls!" Ritvik exclaims, irritated.

Neel, after listening to our conversation while silently doing his work, slowly lifts his formula-stuffed-head and opens his little mouth to add something more to Ritvik,"Dude, you can't even touch your little sister's hand when we came to your home."

"Neel,first, that day he jumped in a gutter thinking it's a swimming pool, so I didn't want to dirty myself by touching him and, second, he's actually my little brother."    

"I don't care. He looks like a girl."

I roll my eyes. "Whatever" I show them them my-weird-neighbour-memes. "I know you did it without me on purpose but I really don't care." 

Ritvik narrows his eyes and looks confusingly at it; Neel was more enjoying the pic. Their reactions are completely different which is least expected from them. 

"Who's that idiot standing there?" says Ritvik. He is so pretentious!

"Yeah, right you don't know," I huff. 

He looks at me with Oh-I-am-confused reaction and opens his mouth to say something but Neel breaks in. "Whoever did this is awesome."

"Of coarse you'd say it's awesome just because you did it," I say.

"Wait, what? Who said we did it?" Ritvik says drawing his thick brows together.  

"Nobody needs to say! I know you both did it so you could make me jealous about how much fun you two are having without me."

"And you tell us we are like girls!"

"Hey! He said you are a girl. He didn't say anything about me," Neel adds.

"He didn't need to specify you because it's already obvious," Ritvik says and then turns his stoic head towards me. "And you, girl, stop saying shit. We seriously didn't do anything. During the morning-where were we, Neel?- Oh yeah we at" he stops and shakes his head.

"Yes? Where were you two? Why did you stop? Complete the Freudian slip, you may," I show reveal my evil grin. I knew I was right.

"We were nowhere. And your suspicion is wrong, we didn't do anything. We are life and prank makers. We don't make fun of anybody." This time, he's really serious and when Ritvik's serious, there's no chance of him lying.

"No way," I say, silently sitting down on the seat beside them. "Does it mean that there's someone else who pranks?"

"You're right my friend," Ritvik say, continuing his work.

"That too a much bigger player than us," adds Neel.



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