The Secret Prankster

Vihan, a 16 year old nerd boy who, with his two nerd friends, pranks on people. No one knows who does all the pranks and they don't even doubt on the three friends because they are "Nerds". All of a sudden, the three friends seem to notice that there is one more person who is pranking other than them and he/she is much better. They set out to find out the answer to the question "Who is the secret prankster?" (Cover made by River Summers :D )


2. Chapter 2.

I wake up from the loud noises of my mother's continuous reminders. Everyday in the morning, the first thing that makes me crazy is my mom's voice. It isn't because I don't like her voice but because I get sick of anything which wakes me up in the morning, and it's only morning when her voice sounds irritating. God!!! it is so annoying. Just because I live far from my school and my freaking bus comes real early I have to get up at 6:00 am, and another irritating thing about my mother (during the morning) is that she comes to wake me up at 5:45 when I'm supposed to wake up at 6:00.

I look at phone which says: 6:21 am, Sunday.

Sunday? Sunday? Sunday?! "IT'S SUNDAY, MOM!!!," I shout angrily and then bury my face under the pillow. "Why are you waking me on a freaking Sunday?"

I hear my mom's foot steps coming closer so I cover my ears with the pillow to avoid the loud, irritating noises. But no matter what you do, something that annoys you somehow manages to reach you.

"Vihan! Wake up! Look how pleasant this morning is. Get up! And go out! Children are playing in the park," she says, pulling away the blanket off me.

Children. That's what I am compared from: Children. I get the highest marks in my class, I do the most amazing pranks, I am the only kid in the family who hasn't called uncle Raj a faggot, and what do I get? I get to be compared with freaking children! "Look, those kids wake up at 6:00 am and my children are the only ones who wake at 8:00," she says. "I don't know what type of children you are; you can't even think of waking up and make coffee for your parents. Don't wake up! I can make coffee on my own." That's the problem with my mom. She applies reverse psychology on me and my little brother to make us do things and the worst pat of it, even after knowing she's just playing a trick on us, we agree to do all the things.

So I lazily get up and do whatever mom "thought" of doing on her own. I do all the work on my own because my brother would kick me if I try to wake him up, and I cannot kick him back because he's a kid.  After finishing up I go outside telling mom sarcastically "I'll go and play with the KIDS!"


I have nowhere else to go so I just walk around on the roads. Mom was right, it is pleasant. Before going out, I thought of going to Ritvik's so I texted him:

Me: Wake up, lazy ass. It's morning. Come meet me at the park.

After 10 or 15 minutes I got a reply from him :

Ritvik: F**** man, it's just 7:00 am. Just let me sleep!

That's what I get after writing a beautiful good-morning message, a reply with inappropriate words. I mean that word isn't made for you to use all the time and it isn't a word by which you curse people and who the hell made that word? I just hate it when someone says that so I myself use "Freaking" instead of the word people normally use. It makes me different from other people.

I find myself walking around our school bus-stop. I just hate walking around it as it reminds me of those lazy and crazy mornings I have everyday I come here. Those memories of almost getting late for the bus during the morning; people at the bus-stop asking me why I don't wear glasses when I'm a nerd. People are weird. But the weirdest people I've come across are my downstairs neighbours. Sometimes I always think I should not call them weird but what I'm seeing right now wants me to take my words back. I see her standing at the bus-stop in our school uniform and by her I mean my weird neighbour.


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