Coma kid

When Jared is involved in a freak car accident and ends up in a coma his life is turned upside down. With only his hearing Jared learns to love what is broken and start again, picking up the pieces as he goes.


3. the hospital

The hospital wasn't too bad. Well at least from what I can tell. I could only hear and that was all. My parents were fine. They had been in the front of the car and the air bag had softened their fall - or so the doctor told me. They hadn't been to see me yet though. He said something about them suffering minor injuries and being very tired. I'm just glad he told me even though I couldn't respond. The only thing was they hadn't told me anything about Lucy. Not a word had been said, not a single word. Why wouldn't they say anything?!

Just then I heard the doors bang open, someone was coming in. Then all of a sudden I could hear breathing and puffed out voices calling my name, "Jared, oh Jared." My parents were by my bedside. They were ok. I could hear that they were hugging and kissing me.. But.. I couldn't feel it, I wanted to cry. "It's gonna be alright honey, you'll be all fixed up soon. I wish she knew that I could hear her. I wish she knew that I was still here, still alive.

They stopped talking for a while, why didn't they mention Lucy? Why wouldn't they talk about her?! I wanted to scream, scream at them to tell me how she was. I was fearing the worst, was she dead? The grief that hit me then was like a torpedo had sunk into my gut, she couldn't be dead, she just couldn't. I felt like I was being wracked with sobs but I couldn't cry out, I couldn't let the pain out. There was no vent for me! So I tried to bottle it, I put a lid on the bottle and left it locked in a box... Never to come out.

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