I So Ship

Which Harry Potter relationships do you ship? Let us know in the comments and we'll write them a one-shot chapter!


9. Romione Part 1


I was sitting in the kitchen with a heavily pregnant Ginny talking organising a family reunion,
"well we have; you and Harry, myself and Hermione, Fred and Catherine, George and Angie, Percy and Aurdry, Charlie and Sophia and Bill and Flur, oh and Mum and Dad" I listed, but Ginny raised her eyebrow at me,
"and my James and Albus, and your Rose, and Fred's Melody and Amy, and Bill's Vitorie and Dminque, and Draco and Teddy"
"really Draco?" I whined,
"yes, Teddy deserves to come as Harry's godson and therefore Draco as he adopted Teddy" Ginny scolded,
"fine" I whined, suddenly there was a loud crash upstairs.


I woke up curled against Ron's unclothed body, my own shivering slightly from the cold, I rolled over and felt a pounding in my head,
"how drunk did I get last night" I mused to myself,
"not half as much as me Gin" a deep croaky voice said from beside me, wait, Gin? I jumped up and looked back at the bed,
"Harry?" I blinked, he looked up at me,
"Mione?" he fell off the bed creating a loud crash.
"Mione are you alright?" I heard Ron yell form down stairs,
"operuistis" I yelled quickly and reclothed Harry and myself, then I gently tipped my desk, "we were practicing a new flipping spell ok?" I told Harry quickly, he nodded, "now help my list my desk"
just then Ron came into the room with Ginny waddling in behind him,
"mundare etfacere" I whispered and cleaned and made my bed without my husband or sister-in-law noticing.
"we were just seeing if imperatum worked" Harry smiled, "a little too well if you ask me"
"we better be off" Ginny smiled at her husband, Harry rushed over to help Ginny down to the floo, and back home.

"so Hermione" Ron casually sat on the bed, "anything you want to tell me?"

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