I So Ship

Which Harry Potter relationships do you ship? Let us know in the comments and we'll write them a one-shot chapter!


3. Nuna

Luna Lovegood sat quietly reading the latest edition of the Quibbler in her own compartment on the Hogwarts express. she sat there reading her magazine, upside down might i add, oblivious to the rest of the world, ignoring the taunts of her new fellow classmates, calling her names like 'Loony lovegood' and such. ignorant of the world around her, that is until a slightly flustered second year boy burst into the compartment,

"excuse me, but you wouldn't happened to have seen my pet toad Trevor would you?" he asked her politely, she closed he magazine and placed it on the seat beside her,

"no but i could help you look" she replied in a naturally dreamy, "maybe we'll see some Nargles along the way" she nodded,

"oh thank you..."

"Luna, Luna Lovegood"

"yes, well thank you, Luna"

"and whats your name?"

"Neville Longbottom"

"well Neville, nice to meet you"


(in the department of mysteries, during the fight for the prophecy)


Luna and Neville had gotten separated from their friend, they were also trapped, in a room to which seemed to have no door. gently they both pushed and nudged the piles of stuff to see if anything would move to reveal a door,

"it's like the room of requirement" Neville marveled,

"not to what i remember" Luna turned a very confused look on him,

"lets just get out of here I'll explain later"

"oh Neville, are you scared?" Luna was now looking worried, if Neville was scared how could she, a younger student, be expected to not be afraid.

"oh, well Luna, it's a bit hard no to be a bit frightened"

"oh Neville, whats the worst that could happen?" Luna asked, trying hard to sound unfazed by his sudden show of fear,

"oh, you know, we could be caught, by the death-eaters" he snapped his reply,

"well that's not really the worst possible outcome is it?"

"what do you mean"

"well, i mean being killed by the death-eaters would be a lot worse, or Voldemort getting the prophecy

"your such an optimist aren't you Luna?" Neville smiled at her, unthinkingly they had both moved closer together and were now standing centimeters apart. Gently Neville reached out his arms and placed them gently around her waist. she didn't flinch, that was a good sign, no instead she moved even closer to him,

"just in case we don't get out of here alive" Neville whispered softly, then he lent down and kissed he softly on the lips. 

what felt like hours later a door appeared in the wall and Harry and Hermione came hurtling through. Luna and Neville quickly jumped apart, Hermione then pointed her wand at the far wall,

"Alohermora" she shouted, then all four of the ran out the door that opened on the far wall. Luna smiled at Neville and gently took his hand as they ran out the door.

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