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Which Harry Potter relationships do you ship? Let us know in the comments and we'll write them a one-shot chapter!


7. Dramione

ok so maybe going out with Harry was a bad idea I thought to myself sitting on the grassy hill beside the lake, it was night and it was dark, he had this hair-brained idea, I could get back at ron for dating Lavender he said, I just had to pretend to like him. I threw a rock at the lake, little did I know he would get attached, little did I know Ginny fell for it too...Ginny.

*flash back*

"What do you think your doing?" the furious girl before me shouted, "you knew I love him!"
"Ginny wait its not like that" I pleaded.
"then what is it like?"
"i just wanted to punish Ron for how he treated me" I whispered, "Harry suggested I could go out with him to do so" Ginny looked at me sceptically as I explained, "it wasn't meant to go like this"
"well its your fault Harry's the only friend you have left" she snapped and flounced off, leaving me in the hall on my own.

*end of flash back*

its your fault! rang threw my head,

"Hermione?" a Male voice interrupted my thoughts,
"how did you know it was me, who are you?" I looked at the tall, lean, figure of a boy,
"only you have beautiful Frizzy hair like this" he said, I knew his voice, I just couldn't think who,
"your not Harry right?" the worry in my head must have shown in my voice because the boy shook with laughter,
"never thought I'd see the day when Granger didn't want to talk to Potter" he laughed,
"haven't you heard the gossip, I'm not talking to either of the boys" I flicked a stray tear from my cheek.
"Wait, Granger? Potter? you must be a Slytherin. What are you doing talking to me?" I could see his body tense as i guessed his house, he sat down beside me and put a hand on my shoulder,
"Hermione, I'm talking to you because the last week you've spent flirting with Potter has confirmed the thoughts of my idiot friend"
"and they are?" I coaxed, although I already knew,
"that I have fallen head over heels for you, and I have it bad" I could hear the grin in his voice,
"who are you?" I asked, squinting, trying to see him,
"that's for me to know" he said slowly, leaning his forehead on mine, "and you to find out." he punctuated his sentence with a soft brush of his lips on mine. My heart was racing just from that light touch, and I so badly wanted more. Luckily or unluckily I didn't have to wait long, as moments after he firmly pressed his lips to mine and kissed me slowly. As he kissed me I pulled my want from my pocket. As he pulled away the end of my wand lit up, I'm glad i can do no-verbal spells. the light fell on his face,
"You!" I snarled,
"yes, me" he said, a disappointed tone to his voice,
"why you?"
"what do you mean Why me?"
"i mean thanks to that kiss I realised feelings for you, and of all people your Draco Malfoy" I snapped,
"you say my name as if its a bad one" he drawled,
"you called me a mu...mu..Mudblood" I whispered,
"I know" he muttered sadly, "and I really wish I could take it back, badly"
"you do?" I looked up and saw the sincerity in his eyes, he nodded and put a hand on my shoulder. I had this erge, I wanted to kiss him, again. So I did, I lifted up on my ties slightly and softly brushed my lips against his. He quickly responded, crushing his lips hungrily against mine. We broke apart moments later smiling, he took my hand and lead me back up to the castle as I leant into him.
"so which idiot friend do I need to thank" I grinned,
"Blaize Zambini" he smirked.


~Jamie Weasley nee Malfoy

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