2. Chapter Two

We arrived at my house a little before 4pm. As I stepped out of the car the wind immediately whipped my hair around my face causing me to squint my eyes closed as I blindly walked over to the door. When I opened the door the smell of vanilla was clear in the air, mother must have been baking again. Taking my shoes off and placing them neatly in the corner next to the door, I motion for Jace to come inside. "Hey mum, Im home." I call to mother and she immediately comes rushing out of the kitchen with a huge smile on her face, wiping her hands on the apron tied around her waist. 

"Hey hon! How was your first day of school? Oh, hello there.." She looks from me to Jace with a questioning look. A mixture of emotion crossing her face, from surprise, shock and genuine curiosity. She looks him up an down, sizing him up. From the scrappy black and white converse on his feet, his multiple shades of black attire, to his lip ring and black fringe. Defiantly not who she expected her daughter to bring home.

"Hey, Mum. School was okay, I guess. This is Jace, my English partner. We're going to go to my room and work on a story. See you later." I quickly usher Jace away from my mother before she can do anything utterly embarrassing.

Im slightly embarrassed by my room, its All of my furniture is white and I have multiple trinkets ranging in colour, most being khaki and navy blue. But they are my favourite colours and if people don't like that, then tough luck. 

I walk over to my desk and pull my mac off. Sitting it on the floor and booting it up I walk over to my nightstand and plug my phone in to charge. I sit on the floor in front of the computer, Jace just stands in the doorway. "Do you wanna sit maybe?" I raise an eyebrow and he just raises one right back at me and walks over, planting his butt on the floor with a thud and a slight wince. "So..uh, what would you like to do the story on?"

He smirks at me "Pain, I want it to be on pain and suffering, not that you'd know anything about suffering and pain. Look at you, in your perfect house with you loving mother and tidy room. I bet your father's a lawyer, am I right?" He looks like he has just won a gold medal, like he's beaten everyone in sight by a mile and no one can stop him. He looks smug.

My alarm starts blaring, indicating that its 5pm. Medicine time. Right on Que. Mother calls "Chloe, wanna come down stairs for a sec?" 

Jace chuckles. "You can stay here, I'll be back in a bit." He snorts and starts typing something onto the computer, probably starting our story. On something I would know nothing about. 

Slowly walking down the stairs, I head into the kitchen, just waiting for my mother to quietly pass me my tablets and a small glass of water. 
She smiling slightly, but I know its fake. This time of the day absolutely kills her, mornings too. We never talk about it either, which I think makes it worse. The whole not know and now sharing thing really gets to you after a while and soon you just end up ignoring it until you can't anymore. Until it physically pains you to not talk about it. I went through a time like that at one stage, where I couldn't fathom why it was happening to me. I shut everyone out and would only talk about things that made me happy. I denied the truth for so long.
I swallow the pills and head back up stairs. Jace is sitting in front of my computer as white as a sheet, like he's just seen a ghost. 

He points at the computer. "Thats you. How long ago was this taken?" I look at the screen and quickly snatch the computer off of him. 

"How dare you go through my photos! What gave you the right to do that? Why the hell Jace!?" My eyes start to water and my breathing get heavier while Jace's eyes are wide and his mouth is slightly open, shock is written all over his face. 

He stands up and slowly walks over to me. I take a step back with every step he takes forwards, effectively trapping me in the corner. "I'm sorry, I had no idea." 
I hit him in the chest, my punches weak and pathetic and when he doesn't even flinch, the tears flood my eyes and I start crying. 
Pushing past him, I sit on my bed and hug my pillow, Jace soon follows. The bed dips under his weight and he wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I hug him and cry into his shirt until I have absolutely no more tears to shed.

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