3. Chapter Three

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, its sound piercing my ears as I rub the sleep out of my eyes. Getting out of bed and heading towards my bathroom I hear a groan. Not some random groan that comes from your mouth without you even noticing, this groan was..manly.. 
I jump around with my hand on my mouth, almost screaming when I see what-or who, is laying in my bed.

"Jace..You uh, might wanna get up now.." I walk over to his sleepy form and poke his cheek. I hate to admit it but he's actually kinda cute when he's sleeping. With his eyelashes fanning over his cheeks and oh my gosh, those cheek bones. Not to mention his jaw, seriously, damn. 
He swats my hand away and I go back and poke it again. "JACE! Get the hell up!" I whisper/shout in his ear and he responds by immediately sitting up, effectively whacking his head into mine. I stifle a groan and go to my wardrobe, thinking about last night. 

Why did he have to look at my photos? I just wanted to go unnoticed by everyone and at least try to enjoy my first and last year of high school. Apparently that wasn't meant to happen. 

"So, about last night..You won't tell anyone, will you?" Rifling through the contents of my wardrobe until I find something suitable for the temperature that mid November might bring, I turn back to Jace, petrified that of what he'll say. 
He looks at me with a sad look, one that I have seen way too many times before. That look, that look is pity. He pities me yet he doesn't even know the half of it yet-wait, theres no yet, he's not going to know any more than he already does. Knowing my luck he'd go tell the whole school and I would be the laughing stock of the town, I can see it now 'Sick girl likes to think she's normal. How cute'

I hate it when people pity me, they look at me like I have no strength to deal with what Im going through, not strong enough to deal with my flaws.. "Don't you dare pity me, if you hadn't seen those pictures you wouldn't even know anything. So don't you dare think you know me or what Im going through." I snap at him, my once calm demeanour vanishing into thin air. 

He sits up in my bed and rubs his eyes, looking directly at me. "You don't think people would notice that something is wrong with you? You are freakishly pale but not from a lack of sunlight, you rub your knuckles every time you knock on a door and your eyes are sitting in holes. There is something wrong with you and if I hadn't seen those pictures I would have still had doubts on how well you actually were. It was only a matter of time. Now though its obvious that you struggle. Its not something to be ashamed of, you've got more balls than anyone in our year. Going to school, trying to hide your pain. Until I saw those pictures I thought you might have just not slept last night, and were freakishly pale.." He sighs and looks at the ground for a few seconds before looking back at me. "Im sorry for what I said to you last night. I was being a jerk." He rubs his neck, a clear sign that he's nervous and telling the truth. He didn't put his arm up or anything whilst he was talking, only to rub at his neck, signs that he's telling the truth. I've read a lot of books on human behaviour...

When your in the hospital a lot, you have some spare time on your hands. So when my mother wasn't trying to teach me and when I wasn't sleeping or having tests done, she would leave me books and I would just read one of them and when I ran out, I'd read them again. She wouldn't leave normal books though, they had to be educational. No mystery or romances for this girl. Nope it was all non-fiction, sort of like things you would see on the discovery channel but in books. She would leave magazines too but once again, only things like the geographic times or something..

I sigh, thinking about what he said.. "Okay fine, you know me a little." I go into the bathroom and change into a pair of high-waisted navy shorts and a white crop T, fixing my hair a little in the process. When I open the door, Jace is looking around my room. He picks up a picture of me and my dad from my desk, smiles, then puts it back down. Its obvious that he wants to ask about him, but when he saw the 'Remember' on the picture frame, he dropped it. Thank goodness, Im not ready to talk about that yet.. Or ever.

He walks over to me and extends his hand "Friends?" He smiles and raises an eyebrow. 

I shake his strong but gentle hand, my hand pathetically wrapping around his. "Friends" I nod "Now get out"

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