1. Chapter One

​'This is it, you can't stop now, its right there. High school is where you make memories, life long friends and make all the bad decisions that make you a better person.'

I replay in my head, over and over again, what my mother told me just minutes ago. Seconds before I put my coat on and headed towards my car, she told me to be brave, that it'll all be worth it in the end and that no matter what I did, she'd be proud of me. She said Id have the time of my life and that it would be the best year of my life. 
Me, on the other hand, I think going to high school after years of homeschooling will be an utterly terrifying experience. All those acne prone teens wandering the halls, coughing and sneezing, the 'popular' people that have the most amazing lives and the nerds, the ones that know all the facts in their textbooks but know absolutely nothing about the real world. Which group will I fit into, will I fit into a group at all? I guess I'll find out the answers to my questions in just a few short minutes. The time it will take me to work up the nerve to actually step out of my car and walk up to that big brick building in front of me. 

"Okay Chloe you can do this" I mutter to myself, finally deciding that its time to go, its either go now or be tardy, and I will not be tardy on my very first day of school. 
Swinging my door open and putting my feet on the ground, I rub at the non-existent wrinkles on my grey jeans and slip my phone into one of the zip up pockets on my leg. 
The doors into the school loom over me and I cower in their presence. I hear talking behind me and I immediately move into the school and head down the wide hallway, not exactly sure of where Im going. I glance at the names on top of the doors, not stopping until I see a big sign saying 'Reception' Its a funny place to have the reception but who am I to judge, I've never been in a high school before. Maybe this is the norm? 

The wood makes my knuckles ache as I knock on the door. Theres a quiet 'come in' coming from the other side and I slowly open the door, listening to the hinges scream for an oil. 

"Hi, what can I do for you today sweetie?" An older lady, with greying hair and large eyes asks me as I step into her line of sight. 

"Um hi, Im Chloe Anderson, Im new here and I was just wondering where I get my schedule and map from? My mother said they'd come in the mail, but they never did.." I trail off, feeling awkward about complaining but the lady doesn't seem to mind. 

"Oh gosh, Im so sorry love. Let me get them for you. Anderson, Anderson, ah Anderson! Here you go love, your schedule and map. You might want to hurry though, your first class starts in a few minutes. English with Mr. S is just down the hallway to the right, R12" She smiles at me and motions towards the left, well, strait for her, left for me. 

Heading out the door and turning left, I go to the class the receptionist named. "R9, R10, R11, R12" I muter under my breath as I look at the doors. I quietly knock on the door and wince at the pain it causes my frail knuckles. The door opens and a middle-aged balding man appears in front of me, his rectangular glasses perched on top of his nose. 

"Your late." His voice is harsh and makes me take a small step back. 

"Sorry Sir, I was at the reception, Im new and my schedule didn't come in the mail and I had to go get it.." I blab on, not really knowing when to stop. 

"You must be Miss Anderson then. Come in and take your seat." His tone is harsh and I wonder if he is always like this, maybe he's just having a bad day. 
I look around the class, taking note of all the people. From the ones texting on their phones to doodling on their notebooks. Only a few seem to be paying attention. Theres an empty seat in the third row, I assume its mine since the teacher said to take my seat and this is only one left.

As I take my seat, the teacher speaks up. "Okay students, like I said before, today we will be working on creative writing. I want you to do something inspiring but also something that you can relate to. Pain, suffering, love, hatred, you name it. Make it inspire me and make me feel something." Well that should be easy enough, pain and suffering is basically my life. "I will be assigning you partners. You will have no class time to do this as it is an assignment." Theres a collective groan and I can't help but wonder why. Its not like the teacher would pair us up with people that we don't like or have never spoken to, well apart from me and whoever my partner is. How are we even suppose to write a creative story in pairs? Write a sentence each?

I pull out my notebook and write a heading saying 'creative writing' then write underneath that, the word 'partner'

"Mr Weller with Miss Anderson" Now that snapped me out of my thoughts. I have a partner and I have no idea who he is. Will he be nice or will he be like those guys I read about in books, the jerks that only care about their looks, maybe he'll be cute, with glasses and a nice smile? 
The bell rings and I pack up my stuff. As I put my pencil case into my bag, someone stands in front of me. "Im Jace, your partner. I'll follow you home tonight so we can get started." And with that, Jace walks out the room and so do all of my thoughts about what he might be like..



Hey everyone! So Im new here and would really appreciate some feedback on how to make my story better and whether or not you like it so far. 

Thank you so much for reading, it means the world to me! 

~Ell xx

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