We never made it.

This is a Niam fan-fic. And I wrote this because I'm bored. And If you like it I'll continue it.


1. chapter 1

An- I'm writing this for BOREDEM. And if people actually like this. I'll write in it


nialls POV;

" babe wake up. " I whispered to Liam.

" hmm " he said.

" I can't sleep " I said to him while tugging on his waist. God. Liam was so hot. His muscles, his v-line, and all those MUDERFUCKING tattoos!

Liam turned to face me. I smiled at him, to see if he wasn't mad. And he smiled back. He put his hands on my back and pulled me closer to him. I rested my hand on his chest and fell asleep.

I was woken up, by the smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I stretched out my arms and got up. I went to put on one of Liam's shirts on. I walked over to the kitchen were Liam was cooking. I walked up behind him and spanked his ass, which by the way was very muscular. He set the batter down, and turned to me.

He walked towards me and grabbed hold of my hands so that they were directly on his dick.

" Liam! You nasty son of a bitch " I said with a Laugh. And no! I didn't move my hand from were it was. Liam smirked and pulled me close to his face, he then kissed me Goodmorning. And got back to his cooking.

After breakfast I got dressed for school, and so did Liam. We both go to Harvard, and we only one class together. Physics.

I wore a shirt that has a pineapple on it, and black skinnies, with my white toms. Then I put on my lip piecing.

Liam on the other hand. Wore a basic white shirt, and blue pants. With converse.

God. I swear that boy never matches any of his clothes.

Liam grabbed the keys, and looked at me.

" if you were ready, I would fuck you. Right here. Right now. In this very spot. " he said and winked at me.

" calm your dick, mr. Horny , I told you I'm not ready yet! I want my first time to be sweet and nice, but I also want it to leave me sore for a month " I said to him and winked back.

He walked over to me and kissed my forehead, " I'll wait as long as you want me to " he said and interlocked his fingers with mine. He lead me to the car and drove off to Harvard.

We showed the guard our student ID'S and went to find a parking space. Liam got one that was under the shade, and close to school. He turned off the engine. And we both sighed at the same time. " we'll babe I'll see you in 6 hours " I told him. And gave him a peck on the cheek. " love you " he told me as I got off.

Liam's classes were different than mine. He entered at 10:00 am . And I entered school at 9:00 . MY classes were;

•pre- calc

• general chemistry I

• English comp I

• humanities elective

And that's for my 1st semester. I got to see LIAM during my lunch break. And we normally went to go get Taco Bell because we both love Taco Bell so much.

After school was over, I waited for Liam outside his class, when he came out, I saw him talking with this guy. Who I have met before, and that boy! Was louis. The 3rd most gayest boy in this college. And yes I am very jealous! Because louis has been hanging out to much with Liam, and Liam is mine. Not louis. Mine. I walked over to Liam, with my arms folded in front of me.

" Liam " I said in the most bitchiest tone that I could. They both stopped talking and looked at me.

" what's up babe? " Liam asked me.

" don't you think it's time to go? And hi louis. " I said .

" hello Niall . We'll LIAM I have to get going, I'll text you later. " he said and left . Liam waved, and so did I .

" why were you talking to him? I was waiting here for 5 minutes while you to talked, and flirted. Liam. And what does he mean text you later! Huh? Do you sex with him or som- " I was caught in mid-sentence when Liam's soft lips brushed against mines. We stayed like that for 2 minutes.

" sorry babe. You know jealousy. " I said in a quite voice.

" it's okay " he said and smiled.

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