Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........


4. We Are Here

I awoke to taryn pulling on my hair and nudging me I smiled at him "what" I said sleepily rubbing my eyes."We are here Lilly we are here were in

Lwas Angelwes" I laughed at how he said Las Angeles. He held my hand and tugged me the whole way out to mum and dad we then made our way to the big Airport to go and get our bags we got our bags then walked out to the front of the airport, there were loads of people holding up signs saying names on them we then found someone holding up a sign that said Norris family dad noticed it straight away and we walked over to the man holding the sign he told us to go with him and we did as we were told.

Sorry for the really really short chapter guys I couldn't think properly love you xx

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