Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........


13. Telling stories


"Bye mum love you too see you soon" "bye my little tazzy" "bye daddy see you soon" I said to all of my family members then gave them all a big kiss. Jai, Luke, James, Beau and skip were all sitting down on the couch in the living room. "C'mon boys" I yelled at them. We all walked out of the door and into the little taxi type thing, an hour later we finally got to the airport, we got out of the car and took our luggage all we could hear was talking ALOT of talking then we walked in Screaming was everywhere then I realised I was with the famous janoskians we all quickly rushed to our private jet plane and got in. "Finally quietness" it took about 15 mins until the jet took off. So I decided to Skype CC and SUM the others didn't no because jai and I were at the back of the plane and they were all at the front. It rung 3 times and then they picked up "hey girls""hi lil we are so fucking excited to see you" "I am so excited to see you girls to" "hi girls" jai said. They both couldn't reply and probably nearly had a Heart attack. We then heard beau and Luke coming down to see us I tried to quickly say goodbye but they saw me talking to someone on my laptop "are you seriously talking to that sexy girl with the sexy curly dark hair" beau yelled at me. "And are you talking to the blondie the extra sexy one" "YEP" " you girls still there" I asked talking to the computer "yes we are " they both replied. Beau took the laptop off me and started to talk to Summah the. Luke took the laptop of beau and started to talk to cearnna. Then after a little while the laptop finally got passed back to me where I saw the girls have a very big smile on their faces "why are you smiling" "oh no reason BEAU BROOKS just thinks I am sexy not a biggy" Summah replied "and well LUKE BROOKS thinks I am extra sexy Hahaha" replied cc. The plane finally took of and jai had his arm around me whispering thing in my ear like I love you and things. After we were in the air jai and I walked down the aisle to meet the boys where we found them sharing stories. "Oh my turn my turn" I screamed in skips face. "Ok settle down Darl" replied skip with a. Scared look on his face. "So this is really private and please don't make fun of me please" "aww baby I promise" said jai and they all replied with "I PROMISE" "ok well when I was younger I found you guys on YouTube I don't no how but I did and I watched all of your video's like 400 times each because well I loved you so much, after a few months I would still be watching your videos and I always would say to my mum my favourite janoskian is JAI BROOKS mum she would just stare at me and say "lilly I don't want you to be watching these stupid boys they just teach bad habits" so she deleted YouTube of my iPad and I didn't watch you for a few months, then I turned 16 the same year that I started to watch you I quickly downloaded YouTube onto my iPad and watched all of your new videos and now for the embarrasing part and at the nights I cried like 4 times or something over the simple fact that you would never notice me and that I would never ever meet you boys I would never meet jai was the worst part I would cry and cry and cry secretly in my room but look where I am now sitting on jai brooks lap with his arms around me" and yeah "awwwwwww lilly" jai and I started to make out when we heard people yelling get a bloody room we stopped and then the all gave me a group hug I felt like I this was all ment to be we all shared a few more stories and then jai and I went back down to the back of the plane were I fell asleep of jai.

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