Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........


14. Seeing the girls

"Babe babe babe babe babe wake wake wake up please baby baby wake up" jai screamed at me while shaking me rapidly "ok ok ok I am awake" I replied rubbing my eyes. Jai gave me a kiss and grabbed my hand then we walked out of the plane.

"Ahhhhh OMG it's jai ahhhhhhh" I heard as we walked out of the plane and down the stairs hand in hand. Jai let go of me and went to take some pics with the fans. The other boys had already grabbed our stuff. Jai and I ran to the car followed by screaming fans. We quickly jumped into the car when luke quickly shut the car door behind us.

Then we heard bagging on the windows Luke put his ass up against the window but the fans couldn't see because the windows were very tinted.

We finally drove of and pulled up at a little house 15 mins up the road at Glenroy. I could see that it was jai's mums house and Luke and beaus. We walked inside "mum we are home" screamed beau. "Hi my babies" the boys mum said while walking into the living room. "And umm hi" she said to me while giving me a huge hug. " I am lilly" "MY GIRLFRIEND" screamed jai looking very happy. " why don't you kids go and put all of your stuff up in the room" said dina cheerfully. Jai grabbed my hand and we walked to his room, put our stuff in there, shared a kiss and then walked out to the living room where we found Luke, beau, skip and James all sitting on the couch. "I am bored lil" said beau very bored ly. "Umm well can we please go and see cearnna and Summah please" I said to beau "the sexy blondie" said Luke jumping of the couch. "Yep" beau jumped up and grabbed the keys and we all jumped in the car. James and skips stayed at home.

We drove about20 mins down the road when we pulled into a drive way. I jumped out of the car and quickly knocked on the door. I heard footsteps and then the door handle twist. The door finally opened and I was met by a familiar face "cc omg I am so fucking happy to see you" I squealed as I gave her a big bear hug she hugged back. "Summah" I said. I then heard loud footsteps coming down from the stairs and screaming "lilly lilly lilly OMG lilly hi" screamed Summah as she gave me a big bear hug. "C'mon in you fags" I screamed outside of the door. I saw them all jump out of the door and beau and Luke run to me. Then I saw jai looking really sad "AWWWW what's wrong baby" "you called me a fag" he replied while pouting his lips "aw baby I am sowy" I replied in my baby voice "everything will be alright if you kiss me" he said to me with a big smirk on his face "ok then if you insist" I leaned in for a kiss and jai grabbed my head about 15 secs later he let go and we walked inside hand in hand.

We walked in side to see beau and Summah on the couch chatting up. And Luke and cc sitting on the counter top chatting.

We spent about 1 more hour there then we left like said goodbye to cc and have her a kiss on the cheek and beau said good bye to Summah and gave her a peck on the lips. We started to drive when all of a sudden beau started saying all this stuff about Summah like how much he wants to fuck her and things and then Luke started raving on, "well then boys I think you should both shit the fuck up because i will be seeing them tomorrow and If you guys want to come you can OK" "I am coming" screamed beau and Luke at the same time.

We finally got home and saw that dina had cooked us dinner. We ate, watched some T.V then went to bed.

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