Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........


11. I was bored

I woke up with hazy eyes I felt really sick headache, stomach pains eg. I tried to get up but I was to weak to even move, I tried to call jai up to the room with a tiny squeaky voice and well he managed to hear it somehow. "Babe are you ok what's wrong" he said with a very worried look on his face "I just feel really sick and I can't get up" I said in a croaky voice. "Here baby I will help you" he said lifting me out of bed we managed to get down the stairs into the kitchen and I rushed to the sink nearly collapsing on the way because I was way to weak to even run, I got to the sink and vomited everywhere in the sink. "Baby are you okay" skip said patting my back. "Y-yep I a-am f-fine" I replied to him stuttering at every word. Jai lifted me up bridal style and took me to the couch, he put me in the couch and got me a pillow so I could lay down on it.

"Here babe I will get you a bucket so you don't have to get up if you feel the need to umm yea well spew" "thank you so much baby" I replied while closing my eyes and putting my hands above my head. Next thing I no is jai is standing beside me with a bucket in his hands.

Jai's P.O.V

I felt so sorry for her she was sitting there mumbling and groaning she was so sick, I wish it could of been me and not her grr I hate life sometimes I just wanted to go over to her and then it would all be better but I don't think that that would happen. "Are you okay" "yea sorta actually no" she said while holding her stomach "ok" I said with a sad face. I loved her so freaking much and I didn't want her to feel any pain or be sick and even get hurt.

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