Love At First Sight (a jai brooks fanfictions

Lilly Norris is a normal 18 year old girl. She has to move to L.A. Because her dad had got a promotion from his work.

She meets her neighbour who are THE JANOSKIANS she at first gets embarrassed but then finds out she falls on love with..........


8. Asking her

Jai's P.O.V

It's been 1 month ever since we met Lilly and we have been hanging out with her everyday apart from the days when we had photo shoots, meetings or when we would be writing our new song. I had discussed with the boys that I was gonna tell Lilly today about the feeling I have for her I was so embarrassed because what if she didn't feel the same way about me as I did for her. I figured that today would be the best day because we are going to the skate park. "Hey when will you be here I really wanna go" Lilly had just texted me, "haha we will be there in 15 secs see you soon :*" I loved her so much.

Lilly's P.O.V

I had just texted jai saying when will you be her I really wanna go, then my phone vibrated "haha we will be there in 15secs :*" next thing I know the door bell rang and I was out of my house. I really liked jai but I didn't want to tell him just incase he didn't feel the same way about me. We were in the car again me sitting in jai's lap his arms around me while beau was singing his heart out to one directions 'live while were young' we finally got to the skate park we were skating for a while when jai asked me to go with him of course I said yes like who wouldn't.

Jai's P.O.V

I asked Lilly to come with me and she said yes I held her hand as we walked to the other aside of the skate park I was so embarrassed to ask her but I had to I just couldn't hold it in anymore "Lilly well umm we've known each other for 1 month now and well ummm I was just wondering if-she cut me of by kissing me very passionately I felt s sparks and fireworks in my stomach as traced her bottom lip with my tongue wanting her to let me gain entry into her mouth she let me gain entry and our tongues danced around we finally released as we were both out of breath I then asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend "gladly" she replied while she giggled a little. Oh how much I loved her laugh she gave me a peck on the cheek and we walked back to the boys hand in hand.

Lilly's P.O.V

"Lilly well umm we've known each other for 1 month now and well umm I was just wondering if- I cut him of by kissing him passionately he traced the bottom of my lip wanting entrance into my mouth I let him Gain entry and our tongues danced inside of my mouth we both released as we needed air, "Lilly will you be my girlfriend he asked while staring into my eyes gladly I replied giggling my first kiss was to jai brooks the JAI BROOKS. We walked back to the other side of the skate park were the others were hand in hand when Luke and beau called jai over.

Jai's P.O.V

Luke and beau called me over I let go of Lilly's hand kissed her on the lips. They both surrounded me asking me what I said as they already knew we were going out, "I said we've now known each other for a mouth blah blah blah then she cut me of by kissing me we both released then I asked her if she would be my girlfriend she told me she would and we walked back hand on hand then you boys called me over" "now are you happy" said beau while running of as he knew I would hurt him, I ran, tackled him to the ground and started punching him. I got up walked over to Lilly told the boys we should go and walked back up to the car. Lilly sat on my lap I rested my head on her shoulder and played with her hair while we were whispering things to each other we got home walked I to the house "I'm gonna go and have a shower ok" "ok" I replied "don't miss me too much babe" she replied with a very cheeky smile "I'll try" she giggled to her self while she walked up the stairs. "We could all tell that you liked her from the day we met her" said skip with a smile across his face that was followed by 4 more "yeah's" I heard a sweet voice come from upstairs calling out for me to come upstairs. "Have fun" I hear as all of the boys laugh at beaus stupid comment.

"What's up babe"

"Do you no where I would have

Left any of my clothes around here"

She was in her towel which was wrapped around her whole body "sure I am pretty sure there are some in my room" I led her to my room and looked for some of her clothes but no there weren't any in there so I chucked her one of my t-shirts she put it on while I turned away it was very big on her I handed her dome I'm my sweats and she tied and tightened them up do they would not fall down she was so adorable I have her a kiss on the lips and led her downstairs to the couch.

Lilly's P.O.V

Jai handed me his sweats and one of his shirts which was way to big on me he stared at me and gave me a kiss on the lips and led me down stairs to the couch, "babe do you wanna sleep here tonight as it is already 7:00pm" "sure" she answered with a sweet smile "I'll just call mum"

"hi mum"

"Hi Darl what's up"

"Well I was just wondering if I could sleep here at the boys house tonight please"

"Sure just don't do anything bad"

"Thanks mum love you see you tomorrow"

"Jai I am allowed to sleep" "YASSSS sleepover" beau and skip screamed at the Same time while doing there little dance. Haha I loved them so much. "I'm starving" James exclaimed as he was rubbing his stomach. "What do you want babe" jai asked me "PIZZA PLEASE" I yelled as he laughed at me. Jai picked up his phone and failed in the number. At least 15 mind later the doorbell rang "I'll get it" screamed skip "ok" James said

"Thank yup" he said as he handed the man his money.

We ate our pizza watched two movies then went up to bed. Jai and I jumped into bed and started flicking through our twitter and things I took out my laptop logged into my Skype then realised that Summah was on, I clicked on her name, clicked on video call it called once and she answered it I saw that cearnna was there to so I talked to both of them "hi ladies I miss you so much" "hey lil we miss you too soooooo much u can believe" "hahaha so what are you two girls up to" "nothing we just finished watching mean girls and were getting ready to go to bed" "cool" "where are you lil I don't think you would have blue walls and boy things in your room" "I'm not in my room I am on my boyfriends room" I looked up to jai and he smiled at me. "Who is your boyfriend" "jai brooks remember I told you both that I had met the janoskians the first day I moved here" "hi girls" jai said as he looked at the computer screen "OMG OMG OMG I can't believe you two are dating I remember when lil always talked about you back down here in Aussie" grr they were trying to embarrass me "hahaa well now her dream came true" said Luke smiling "we have to go lil mum wants us to go to bed" "ok bye talk soon love you's". Jai and I laid down I put my head on his chest and we slowly fell asleep

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